neck/body laminates...?

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  1. I'm just reading through the "How To Buy An Electric Bass" of The Bass Player Book because I'm oh-so-bored :)p) and I read something about "The Body" regarding multi-laminate bodies...

    So...I'm wondering, if I can see and feel the places where the body wings are stuck onto the neck of my NS 2000/4, would that make it an "ultra-cheap" bass?

    And...while we're at it, does the NS 2000/4 have a 3 piece neck? I think I can see a center piece to the neck through the finish, but I'm not too sure. The wing/neck piece joints are very obvious, though.

    Oh yeah, and if this belongs in "basses" or "setup" or some other part of TB, feel free to move it. :)
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    Well I think you can always see where the joins are and a lot of manufacturers use contrasting exotic woods so it's quite clear - but I don't think you should be able to feel the joins, or this is going to have on impact on how the neck feels. It's only a slight consideration, but I think that on an expensive and especially a hand-made bass; the finish should be perfect.

    I think if you could feel the joins I might also be worried about shoddy construction and whether the thing was going to hold together; although this would be a symptom rather than an actual cause for concern in this respect.
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    Wait...lemme just make sure we're talking about the same kind of feel here...

    I meant that when I flip the bass over and look at the back, I can see the lines that show where the wings are joined to the neck piece, and if it's a 3 piece neck, where the neck pieces are joined together.
    Then if I run my fingers over them I can feel the difference in height/level between the neck & wings. And from what I can see and feel, the difference in level/height is the same on either side of the neck.

    I cannot, however, see or feel any lines running across the back of the neck. And since all the wood is painted black except the fingerboard, I can't tell if the neck is 3 piece or not.