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    Jun 20, 2000
    Missoula, MT
    Hi. I have a maple neck with a maple fretboard on my new p-bass compiled of eBay scraps. The neck has no oil or anything, and I was wondering if you're supposed to oil maple to prevent warping??? Also, I wanted to stain the back of my neck and my un-labled headstock in a see-through black, but was wondering if finish stays on hard maple when hands rub on it. Thanks,
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  2. Hey Phunk,

    I've just been turned onto a neck finishing method using oil that is about as idiot proof as can be. I'm sure YOU aren't an idiot, but I am and this is a lifesaver.

    I love oil finished wood. So I wondered, like you, can you oil a maple neck? Well you can, and it is especially nice on a maple/maple neck. I've taken a neck for a current project and finished it to 600 grit sandpaper, then 0000 steel wool and then burnished the grain. For the finish, I've used about 6 coats of polymerized tung oil, working it into the wood with the steel wool. After letting each coat dry and buffing to as bright a shine as I can get, I use Minwax paste wax to buff it to a shine that rivals polyurethane. Now, the finish isn't as thick but the wood is protected and it has a very fast feel on the back of the neck. When the frets are finished, I'll put a light coat of poly on the fretboard over the tung oil finish even more protection. It's beautiful and it's about as easy as screwing up other types of finishes!

    By the way, the finish on a neck has no affect on it's propensity to warp. That is sort of predetermined by the specific piece of wood used for the neck. It either will or won't warp but that is usually found out sooner than later.
  3. I know this is a ridiculously long and old dead thread, but it is the only one i could find with the info i'm looking for. I'm doing the exact same thing as hambone, except i hve only put on 3 layers of tung oil. How important is the numbers of layers? 3 layers already feels glossy and sort of sticky, but I imagine the wax helps with that.

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