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Neck problem.. so i think...

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Squice, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. I really. need help,, I´m having trouble with my bass.. i´m always getting some "click" "click" sound when i´m playing. not constantly but alot.. at first i thougt the strings where hitting the pickups.. but that´s not it..It´s really more like they are always hitting the last frets. I haven´t any ultra low actions and ain´t getting no fret buzz.. this specially gets audible when i´m recording, The bass got complete Graphite neck..

    hope someone can help me out...

    My best regards...
  2. Don´t u pros think of anything that might be the root of my problem..
    I know i could at least set my action a little higher and then this would go away.. but if that´s the problem.. to low action, then i find it a little strange that there´s no fret buzz. And becouse it´s a graphite neck, bow of the neck couldn´t be the prob....
  3. The neck neck is a bolt on (4 bolts.) There´s no shim in the neck pocket. And i have no person near me to do a pro-setup. The bass is Status Graphite 4000. And his history?? i have had this bass for 10 years, and it is in mint condition, look like new, and has just been treaded like a gem.
    I will check the neck relief and if the last fret is actually higher the the others..
  4. odie

    odie Supporting Member

    This sounds really odd but make sure your strap buttons or locks are tight. Those can rattle a lot!!
  5. I believe that this bass doesn´t have a truss rod. This doesn´t seem to me like there´re any screws loose, just by the sound of it..this isn´t a rattle kind of a sound,, more like the string is hammering on the last fret. and this sound is comming both when i play open strings and notes. and no note particular, but it appears mostly from open string to like 12 fret not so much at the higher frets. The only adjustment i´ve done is at the bridge, i´ve lowered the strings. But it would struck my as strange if that where the problem, Becouse then i would supposed to be getting some fret buzz as well..But later this day i will check everything that could be the root of my problem and post u guys later tonight...

    My best regards..