Neck screw drilling question...

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  1. Just wondering....

    Generally, I, and probably everyone, would drill the holes for the neck screws and then drive them in to kind of "thread" the holes in the body and the same for the holes in the neck itself.

    But would there be any benefit or drawback to drilling the holes in the body a little bigger than the screws to where they slide in easily and letting them bite the neck wood only? Kind of like clamping the body between the neckplate and the neck.

    Dumb idea or some merit?

  2. That's the method I prefer. I can work with screws that thread into the body but I'd rather not.

    Got an Ibanez bass once where the back of the neck was sticking way up out of the pocket because the guy who "tried" to put it together didn't have the neck held firmly in the pocket and the screws pushed the neck out. Not sure why he couldn't figure it out but, I got a good deal on an Ibanez 6 string bass because of it.
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  3. mapleglo

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    The holes in the body *should* be large enough where the screws can just slide in without the threads catching the wall of the hole. That will create the best, and most solid connection between the neck and body.
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  4. Paulabass


    Sep 18, 2017
    If the screws thread into the body you can't pull them tight together. The screws should turn freely thru the body.
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  5. Thanks folks! That's what I ended up with, but I have to dowel and re-drill. I haven't drilled the neck yet.