Neck swaps

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  1. I was just wondering how much touble it is to put a new neck on a bass. I like the sound of the fender P-basses. but find the feel of the jazz basses are more suited for me. so how much would a new neck run and is a neck swap something i can do my self or should get a professional to do?
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    Nov 10, 2003
    I recently swapped a Warmoth Jazz neck on an SX P-Bass. The Warmoth neck cost me close to $475 CDN (including shipping, customs, conversion, etc...). I am very happy with the Warmoth neck: it looks great, feels great and plays great. I'll post pictures here in the near future.

    The difficulty depends on your ability and experience operating basic tools. I recommend purchasing two crappy basses for as little as possible, and practice swapping the necks. You should be able to find a couple beat up basses for much less than a really nice neck. This way, you'll be confident and will be sure to get the expensive neck mounted properly.

    It's a little tricky getting the neck straight (in both directions). I used two 6" wood clamps to hold the neck in place while I marked / drilled the 4 holes. Also, I was very careful to get the holes drilled straight.