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Neck Taper Jigs..

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by LightGroove, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Greetings,

    I want to go with a tapered "center lam" on my current build. I made my 1st attempt at a taper yesterday with poor results. I used my bandsaw and then cleaned up with my jointer. My taper was off a bit and a little wavy. Im hoping to have closer to finish results before hitting the jointer. I was curious about folks taper setups. What works and or is a waste of $$ Ive looked into buying a taper tool for my table saw or perhaps a nice kreg miter setup but at $150 :eek: Would love to see pics.

  2. I just cut my first two necks last week or so, so I have no experience to speak of. I got my tapers together by measuring out the heel pretty precisely on graph paper. I then spray adhesived the heel to a piece of 1/4" mdf. I hand traced the taper on the mdf then cut it out on the band saw and sanded until it was dead straight and perfect.

    I double sided taped the 1/4" to a 1/2" mdf and then cut out. I used a router table and a top bearing flush trim bit with the 1/4" as a template to get the 1/2" mdf more or less perfect and then sanded until I was happy.

    I rough cut the taper of the necks and attached the 1/2" mdf template and used the router table to clean up the rest. One of the necks turned out more or less perfect and the other had mad chip chip out. I changed bits between the two, so this may account for my error.

    It clearly didn't cost me much in graph paper, mdf or spray adhesive, and I felt it came out pretty well. How well still remains to be seen.

    For my next set of necks, I'm probably going to build a taper sled to run along the fence of my bandsaw. My current method is a whole lot of steps and I'd like to really reduce the likelihood of tearout and chipout.

    No pics presently, but I'll include links to what I'll be using next.


    Also, Norm builds a taper jig around 10:50 or so.

  3. HaMMerHeD


    May 20, 2005
    Norman, OK, USA
    I draw the line, rough-cut with a bandsaw, attached a piece of jointed MDF, and route it flat.
  4. mrz2u


    May 10, 2012
  5. MattZilla


    Jun 26, 2013
    Op, I think I'm in the same boat, wanting to taper from a 3/4" wide to a 1/2" wide center lam. I've been imagining something like what Mrz2u showed, however with a couple more clamps amd a common clamp face. Probably overkill, really.