Neck Through?

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  1. Okay I have only been playing bass for about 6 months and have only played a Rogue SX100B and a Dean Edge 09 (wich I currently own).

    I have been looking for a new bass lately and came across a Washburn T24 it says its a neck-though bass and hass a string through bridge system, I was just wondering what exactly those are.

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    May 27, 2005
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    A neck through means the neck goes all the way through the body.

    Neck through (scroll down to the pic of the back of the bass):

    No discernable neck joint.

    As opposed to bolt on:

    You can see where the neck joins the body.

    String through bridge means that the strings can be passed through the body.

    String through (again scroll down to the pics of the bass' back):
  3. I feel kind of stupid now but thanks for helping me out.
  4. BTW,IMO Washburn Taurus bass line, very good choice for lower-end boutique look. Play nice, and feel nice as well. Some people 'round here have complained of the pickups tone, but I think adding a preamp would remedy that quickly.