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neck thru?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by warwickben, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. i just want to know if carvin is the only place u can buy a neck thru neck to make a bass.
  2. I think so Ben,

    Stew Mac used to have one but they've discontinued it.

    Have you finished some of the other basses you were building? There have been several over the years. We would love to see some of the things you were doing. Post pics!!!
  3. how do u post pics.

    i got the frist bass i made, its a neckthru with a purple heart body neck and finger board. also i got the frist eub i made. so i can take pics of them
  4. Just scroll down under the "Reply to Thread" box where you typed your response and hit the "Manage Attachments" bar. Then just follow the instructions - it's easy.
  5. sorry about the pics

    Attached Files:

  6. Well, I like what I see but it's the seein' that's a little hard. :meh:

    Got anything of the instrument itself? It looks like you were in the process of nut work in this one. How is the bass now?
  7. i for some reason cant post more pics. it plays great but after awhile ur shoulders hurt. only thing bad about it is when i routed the trustrod it came unlocked and went right thru the neck....
  8. iam having problems loading pics. this is one i was able to post

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  9. Looks cool.

    Routers are a very unforgiving tool. They do wonderful things but they can screw something up real quick. I built a jig inspired by Pete Skjold that works great for routing the trussrod and graphite channels. It's pretty fool proof.
  10. sorry about the pics these were taken by my welding teacher. i took metal fab in highschoool. we have one week of classes and one week of just shop. i was the top of the class and id get my work done by 11 so the teachers kinda let me make what i wanted. i made so many guitar stands lol. my welding teacher was a guitar player so he was all for it.

    i wanna post a pic of the eub i mad but its too big ill try again later
  11. the problem i had with the router is that it came un locked and went thru the back of the neck. i just filled the hole with the saw dust and glue.
  12. can some one help me piost some pics . i ve tried every thing. i srunk the pics and they still dont upload