Neck-ties may cause risk for glaucoma - ...avril goes blind.soon enough

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    (July 28) -- Depending on your tastes, wearing neckties may be an assault to some folks' vision. According to a new study, wearing them too tightly may harm your own.

    Researchers say that a too-tight necktie may increase the risk of glaucoma by boosting blood pressure inside the eyes to dangerous levels. Specifically, a tight necktie constricts neck veins and raises the pressure in the eyes. Glaucoma, which afflicts at least 3 million Americans and is the leading cause of blindness in the U.S., usually occurs when pressure in the eyes increases to dangerous levels.

    In their study, published in the August issue of the British Journal of Ophthalmology, researchers noticed a small but significant increase in this intraocular pressure in men who wore tight neckties. The 40 men studied -- half of them glaucoma patients and the others with no obvious vision-threatening condition -- were observed under three scenarios. When their neckties were tightened for three minutes, intraocular pressure spiked in 60% of the glaucoma patients and 70% of the healthy men. There were no such increases when they loosened their ties for three minutes or while wearing open-collared shirts.
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    In the medical world, those not tied to research grants:rolleyes: , this information falls under the "NO S*#@T" category. The physiology is very simple. Veins are more superficial than arteries, and have a very low occlusion pressue. So, long story short, a tight necktie will decrease venous return and cause subsequent back pressure because the arteries are still recieving the same volume of blood. This results in increase inraoccular and intracranial pressure. What they dint tell you is that as soon as you loosen the necktie, it goes away. This may be a stretch, but I think most reasonable thinking individuals would loosen the damn thing before any real damage occurs. But then again I could be wrong.

  3. Why do we need 'experts' to tell us that wearing a necktie so tight that it's uncomfortable isn't particularly good for us? Then again, we also need experts to tell us that sitting on one's posterior all day eating junk food and watching telly isn't the best way to stay in trim.
  4. Isn't it great. We do even need to think for ourselves or apply any common sense to our daily lives. We have 'experts' to do it for us.

    What next? Research shows that people who stick their fingers into electrical outlets are proportionally more at risk of getting a shock?
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    Neckties make you go blind, masturbation is good against cancer - what we know about us and the world is turning upside down - beautiful :cool: :D
  6. And according to an article I got today, a 10-minute daily ogle at a nice pair of breats is as good as 30 minutes in the gym.

    However, I've decided that this is a fundamentally flawed piece of research. Staring at a strange woman's breats for 10 minutes is guaranteed to earn you a hard kick in the nether-regions, which would surely cancel out any benefits.
  7. but the way things are going, a hard kick in the nether regions will probably soon be proven to prevent testicular cancer, and a slap in the face found to prevent skin cancer, ageing etc.

    could the necktie Avril wears cause her to make those shrill yelping noises in her teen-angst ballad "with you"- "yay-yeh-ha, yay-yeh-ha"?
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    That's why all the punks like Avril wear their neckties loose. It's totally like taking a political stance against glaucoma. Down with the system.


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    btw: pimpolicious avatar :p
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    You gotta be kiddin me? Why the hell wasn't I told this before? :( :bawl: :p :D