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  1. ChopperDave

    ChopperDave Hai-ohhhhhhh!

    Nov 14, 2012
    Boston, MA
    Well, it's my lucky day, I guess ... all items are sold pending payment.

    Still looking for that 70s Classic Series J neck, though ...

    First up: Loaded MIJ Fender E-Series (86-87) '62 Reissue Precision Bass neck. 1 5/8" nut, 7.25" radius, rosewood board. Nice neck. $280 OBRO. SOLD pending pickup/payment

    Pictures are here:

    Next, we have a loaded Indonesian Squier Precision Bass Special neck. Let's call it a Jazz neck, since we're talking about a 1.5" nut, 9.5" radius, modern C shape, rosewood board. The original owner added a waterslide Fender Precision Bass decal to it, and the "Precision Bass" part of it has come off. There are some dings and scrapes on the back. None of this affects playability. I've had this up for a while, so let's call it $90 firm. SOLD pending payment receipt and clearing.


    Rondo (CNC) Pedal Case. Pretty big, but you big-pedalboard guys and gals might like it. It's brand-spanking new and too big for my needs. $45 shipped. SOLD

    I have some other bits and pieces I'm willing to part with for the right price or to sweeten things up for trade:

    --MIM Jazz PUPs, recent vintage
    --Squier Affinity P PUP
    --Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pounder SPB-3 (I really don't think I want to get rid of these, but I will if it makes for a good deal toward something else)

    Bodies and a guitar:
    --Squier Affinity P-bass body with pots, bridge, and black 'guard. Hand-stripped and refinished w/ bamboo oil. Still some Midnight Blue on there. It has a nicely-worn, battle-scarred look. Tone knob just spins since I updated the 'guard ... Still, sounds awesome with the Quarter-Pounder.
    --Epiphone Les Paul Special. Sunburst, two pickups. No case. Sounds good, stays in tune.

    --Dunlop wah from the 90s. Works fine, missing one rubber foot

    All sales/trades are going toward funding the following:

    --70s Classic Jazz Bass - Sunburst preferred, but black works, too. No case needed, but it's welcome.
    --The neck from a 70s Classic Jazz Bass

    So yeah, let's talk. I mean, if you like parts and whatnot, I'd probably be willing to give you most of this stuff for one of those basses, or some combination of stuff for the neck only.
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    Nov 14, 2008
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