need a backup for my GT7. know any 6 strings for around $600-$700?

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  1. hi all.

    last time i made a thread, i had just bought my Conklin GT7 (which i love). that was around 5 months ago. i now have some more money, and decided that i need a backup for this beauty, so i dont have to take it to my rougher gigs.

    i am looking for a six, but if i find a five string that i like, i will take that. as of music, i play in a classic rock/progressive metal band (very heavily influenced by DT), i play in a jazz band, and in a solo bass funk group. i tap, slap, need low end, and bright highs. yea, i may be a little demanding, but i need something reliable.

    i have been looking at the ibanez BTB 406, the ibanez 506, schecter stilleto studio 6 (i have had some really good experiences with schecter in the past), and the tobias toby pro (

    any opinions on any of these basses, or suggestions within my price range would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks again,

    lastly, if anybody knows how much the new john myung bass costs, it would be much appreciated.
  2. twangchief

    twangchief Supporting Member

    Oct 30, 2003
    Altoona, PA
    I don't like Ibanez for a 'cross-genre' player (Jazz to Country to Punk to Metal) but I've been considering a Schecter about a Spector Legend 6?

    I just bought a Schecter California Custom 5 and I really like it! I've done a Country recording session and a "nu-metal" style christian group session with it and it sounds great.

  3. Nadav


    Nov 13, 2004
    Atlanta, GA
    I may not have much experience with 6 strings, but I just got an Ibanez 406 last week, and I'm loving it. Great look, great tone, not a bad price. :bassist:
  4. Dan Molina

    Dan Molina TalkBass Secular Progressive

    Jul 17, 2002
    Murr Town, California
    Dean Edge 6?
  5. Aaron Saunders

    Aaron Saunders

    Apr 27, 2002
    I've played Shecter Stilleto Studio 4's and fretless 5's in stores. I REALLY like these basses, personally. Never played the Ibanezes, but I've heard REALLY good things. Plenty of room to slap, but you might find the spacing (19mm) a little wide for tapping -- *shrug*.
  6. BassManPatsFan

    BassManPatsFan Supporting Member

    Feb 20, 2004
    San Francisco
    how bout a spector legend 6er? They look delicious.
    just a thought......
  7. quatre03


    Aug 20, 2004
    i own a dean, their really middy and bassy and no high end, if you can stand the body cut i like BTB's, but its and ibanez...
  8. primus_55


    Dec 28, 2004
    sr506, lovely bass
  9. I had an sr506 for a few years and here's my opinion...

    SUPER comfortable neck
    very well balanced
    nice tone
    fairly light for a low cost 6'er

    the electronics are noisy (bad hiss on highend) and at times fairly weak
    the spacing is pretty narrow

    it's a GREAT bass for pizz, but may not be your cup o' tea for slap stuff or studio do to the hissy electronics...
  10. BTB406. Excellent bass, definitely the best in that price range (IMO, Dean isn't even worth considering).

    Had a Dean Q6. Still have the BTB406. Also have a seven string (not a GT-7, but the neck is a copy of one).
  11. Bassic83


    Jul 26, 2004
    Texas, USSA
    What about another GT-7? That'd work, right?
  12. CurbowPete


    Aug 28, 2004
    That's true, if you play your cards right, you can score one on Ebay in that price range.

  13. Robear22

    Robear22 Supporting Member

    Sep 28, 2004
    Zion, Ill
    How about this



    It is a Tune 6 string. It is quiet, has an awesome sound, versatile, and priced well. $599 at Sam Ash. I play everything from funk, R&B, jazz, rock, blues, and country. Excellent preamp. Can go from boomy to clear and the bass is pretty light. Wide string spacing if that is what you prefer.

    I have also owned a GT7 and this bass rivals that. It would make an excellent backup.
  14. Hi there,

    Do you really want a "back-up" instrument ? - given that it's a Conklin, I doubt you'll have any trouble with it.

    How about going a bit "out there" - say - 10-string........

    This looks like it would drive any DT based music very well !

    However, getting back down to earth, what about a fretless Conklin GT-5 (or GT-7 even) - tonally similar to your GT-7 but subtily different.

    Certainly the Tune looks like a good deal for the money (at Sam Ash)

    If I were getting a new second instrument I'd like it to do something different from my main instrument - hey, but that's just me.

    Sounds like you are wanting something broadly similar to your GT-7....

    Anyway, have fun in your GASing !

  15. Andre_gt7


    Jan 4, 2005
    Atlanta - GA
    isnt the Gt7 beautiful.....try a Carvin 6 string those are awesome
  16. Might want to consider a Yamaha - some people like the John Myung sigs for that kind of music, and I love my TRB6.
  17. in response to everybody;s questions/suggestions.....

    -i hate dean basses, so thats out of the question (bad experiences)
    -i have thought about the spector legend 6, and am still seriously looking into it, but they are hard to come by around where i live
    -that tune really has me interested, but i have a couple questions. whats the string spacing like? does anyone know if will ship to canada
    -i considered the JM (being a huge John Myung fan, however i wasnt impressed. they are good basses, but nothing special)
    -and lastly, i worded my thread wrong. this bass will not be a backup, so much as be a "beater". that is to say i dont feel comfortable taking an instrument as nice as the conklin to some of my rougher gigs, and need something that i can bring and not be so worried about. also, this bass will serve for different tunings, etc.
  18. ooops, forgot a few questions....

    1) are the tuners/knobs on the BTB406 plastic???
    2) how do the string spacings compare on the BTB406 and the SR506? which one is wider/does anybody have the measurements for both of those basses?
  19. RunngDog


    Jan 22, 2003
    Chicago, IL
    Don't know anything about them at all, but there's a Fernandez Gravity 6 being offered in the TB classifieds right now for $425 delivered. Not likely to find a 6 for much less than that.
  20. PhatBasstard

    PhatBasstard Spector Dissector Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2002
    Tacoma WA

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