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    Ok so here's my deal

    I own the following:
    Hartke 410TP
    Hartke 115XL
    Used Peavey head I'll probably keep forever and use as a cheap PA power amp for home or rehersal use.

    The thing is that I'd like to put in an upgrade to higher quality gear. I have access to an awesome head that just sits in a friend's basement when I don't use it so it's basically mine. (it's an old 70's Kasino)

    What i really need is a good portable cab or combo amp to add to my collection. I'm thinking about either the Genz-Benz Shuttle or an Ampeg 210 Combo. I'm also a big hartke fan and want to try out the new hydrive series when the come out.

    What I really want to do is to get rid of Some of by big stuff and get smaller but more professional equiptment. So I'm thinking of getting rid of my 115XL right away and my 410TP after I make a final purchase. If I need giant gear for a gig I can borrow it or get by some other way but for now I really don't think I need it.

    My other option is to switch out my two current cabs for maybe an ampeg 410 and use my awesome permanently borrowed head. That way I know I'll get a tone I'd love but the size would stay an issue.

    Idealy I would have have the ampeg 410 with my head, also a mid-sized combo (210 probably), then the acoustic image upright amp I've already decided on (I just need the funds), and my GK backline 110 practice combo.

    I guess I'm asking if this will cover my needs mostly...

    will I be as satisfied with this as a 410 oompf wise?

    I realize the complete difference in tones with the products I have listed but the truth is I like all the tones (I've played through all but the hydrive and the shuttle)

    This is all semi-longterm as funding such a switch will be a problem no matter what I choose. If it works I'll go with the combo in the link and liquidate what I own until I can afford a cab suitible for my awesome borrowed head. I think That might only turn out costing a couple hundred cash with what I could make selling my stuff

    Sorry for the long post
  2. jwoodplays4u


    Jun 27, 2008
    If I were in your position, I would either wait for the hydrive(Ive heard alotta good things about em), or get a carvin 4x10. In my opinion, carvin's stuff sounds way better than ampeg, plus it's cheaper.
  3. zepbassist


    Feb 23, 2009
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    I've played through the BA 300/ 115 combo, and it totally does not punch, so I can't imagine the 2X10 being any good
    What best fit my needs was the new Hartke Hydrive 410 cab. At 1000 watt rating, hartke had a special that if you buy the cab you get the HA3500 head free! So it was a no brainer. The Hydrive is a combination of Aluminum and paper cones, and it has the new magnets, so this thing weighs under 70lbs! The dual cone allows for tons of tonal capabilities., and the bottom end and mid range are unreal.

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