Need a Good luthier!!! be able to get it done.

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    Jun 16, 2011
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    looking for a Luthier, where i leave i didn't find it.
    A good one be able to get it done.

    I ordered a bass pickup from Reed James and it took a year to be done, nice quality, but i order for a 6 string bass, and it didn't work there, so i moved it to a 5 string and i gave up about trying contact him. Today i just saw a post about SGD Pickups, same problem. I'm not looking for guys like that. like i said the one that it's be able to get it done.

    I want a simple bass. 6 strings, 19mm, 24frets, swamp ash body, maple neck, Pau ferro fretboard. 35 scale. I'll install all hardware.
    i need just the woods cut, and finished.

    I saw warmoth but i don't like they bodys, and the neck it's for 17mm,
    usa custom guitar, their website looks like he does just 4 and 5 strings.

    If you know somebody, post his website or email.
    appreciate it fellow's Tb'r
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