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Need a hand putting music to the lyrics/writing

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by PUNXBASS, Mar 3, 2006.



    Apr 23, 2005
    hey yall,
    been playing with this band awile, and we just booked one of the best lilttle music joints around for MAy 27th with like 4 other bands. Were the last act to go on and we gotta make it awesome.

    We are however having a bit of trouble getting some music to err flow right with our new songs we wrote. We have a set list of old stuff, and music to go with it, but theyve heard it enoguh and we wanna play the new songs. I know the lyrics kinda suck...well prolly relaly suck i didnt write them. But any help with getting some music to our songs and suggestoins on making them a bit better would be HIGHLY appreiciated.

    Also, im trying to get my guitarist (i play bass) that popish guitar sound u here in ska like Chocking Victim/LOC you no like the sharp fun sounding clean guitar? Any pointers on getting that soulnd would be helpful.

    P.s. no, im not into all the **** you's and anarchy juristiction blah blah crap, i just love playing the raw energy of it. Yeah, i hate the cops etc etc but im not al kill blah blah. Were highly inspired by leftover crack to say the least.

    Thanks yall in advance for the help,
    my AIM is Mad Caddie Ska if you want to. and our lyrics are here www.purevolume.com/eattherich/blog

    also, were stuck in a rut and have a problem getting new lyrics to flow. We all really wanna make this work.

    And no, im not asking somone to write music FOR us, just some heplful pointers on getting the juices flowing so we can put somthing to our songs.

    JJ m.:bassist: