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Need a little advice, SWR or Ampeg

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Kylestyle, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Kylestyle


    Aug 28, 2005
    Edmonton, AB
    So i've recently picked up playing bass after a few years of shredding licks on the guitar and i've finally decided to throw some money down on a bass amp. I've got a few options that have been laid out before me and i'm looking for some professional/informed advice about what I should choose.

    Ampeg B-100r $450 ($375 US)

    This used amp sounds awsome and will fit well into the role it will be used for. But is $375 too much for this amp? it is in great looking and sounding shape. 30 day warrenty.

    SWR workingman's 12 $419 ($349 US)

    This used amp is the older style of the Workingman's 12 but sounded pretty awsome. It had some bite to it and would also fit into the sound of our band well. 30 day warrenty

    Ampeg BA-112 $365 ($304 US)

    This is an amp on clearence at a music store as the store doesn't deal ampeg any more. It is very nice sounding, although abit quiet, but it was a floor model, so it should definately be considered used. Comes with 5 year warrenty though.

    Carvin PB-300 w/ 2x12 Cabnet $325 ($271 US)

    This is our current amp that was borrowed. It doesn't have quite the nice sound we want, but it does the trick.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated and considered.
  2. Out of the choices you outlined, the Ampeg B100R is the best. I own one and it's a great vintage-styled amp. Loud for 100 watts, and makes most basses sound great. I've had lots of compliments on it.

    Now, I'll advise you to try to dig up something with more wattage. I'm in the process of selling my B100R to pay for a system with more headroom. The B100R works, and I've been glad it's got a line out more than once, but 100W is pushing your luck, IMO. I'm going with a rig with 200-300W (depending on if it's got an extension cab or not), and that's still not enough juice, depending on who you ask. I think 200-300 watts can get it done, but 100... not without sound reinforcement in many cases.

    Look at an SWR Workingman 15, an Ampeg BA115 (they're over-priced, I think), or Gallien-Krueger's Backline 600 + cabs or Backline 210 combo. Those aren't much more than what you're thinking about buying now, especially the GK Backline stuff.

    If you want to go for one of the choices you listed, the $375 US is a great price for the B100R if it's in good shape. They usually retail for about $550 US.

    Good luck!
  3. Ampeg and SWR are like apples and oranges. We need a little more info to go on. What bass do you play? What kind of music do you play? What size crowd are you playing in front of? How many guitarists and how many watts is each of their amps?
  4. Kylestyle


    Aug 28, 2005
    Edmonton, AB
    Here is a little info on the stuff i have. I play a Yamaha BB-414 and our band generally plays prog rock, punk rock, rock, and blues. We cover the Strokes, Radiohead, Sparta, and some Greenday. Just looking for something to jam with in this 4 piece band (keyboard/guitar, guitar, bass, drums). we jam in a small area, and 100W will be plenty of power. Both of our guitar amps are Fender Frontman 25R amps, and our drummer is a fairly quiet drummer. As for shows, the amp would be used for small venues but mic'd for big venues. Hope that helps.
  5. 100 watt will be plenty of power?

    i think your being over confident there :p
  6. Kelly Lee

    Kelly Lee Yeah, I'm a guy! Supporting Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Marana, AZ, USA
    I agree. I wouldn't hit the stage with anything smaller than 300 watts and would prefer more.

    I play in a 3 piece punk band currently. The guitarist uses a fender 50 watt tube amp and the drummer is pretty tame compared to most punk/rock drummers I have played with. Considering this, I feel I could probably get by on 200-250 watts maybe.

    Atleast look into a used Ashdown MAG 300, Trace Elliot AH250, or something similar. Trust me, you will need the power.
  7. Bongolation


    Nov 9, 2001
    No Bogus Endorsements
    I have both the B-100R and the BA-112.

    I got the BA-112 for US$158.99 new at Guitar Center and got the B-100R for US$269.99 used/mint at GC.

    Both are good amps, better than the other two.

    The B-100R is 100W and the BA-112 is 50W.

    You might be able to do small gigs with the B-100R if you are able to run the line out into the PA.
  8. Yup. Start at 300 and go from there. My Workingman's 12 barely cut it for jamming. I wouldn't have even thought of putting it on a stage.
  9. Same score with me ;) , we practice with the guitarist either having a 100 watt laney valve half stack, or with his 100 watt combo

    Either way, im always pushing at least 400 watts into a 410 or 215, altho (tend not to practice with the SVT )
  10. ... I suggested the GK Backline stuff. If you get a Backline 210 you have 200W and you're out a bit under $500 US. If you move quickly, Musician's Friend has the series I Backline 1X15 cab for $150, and you'll have 300W. Or yes, as someone suggested, the Ashdown MAG300 + Avatar cabinet idea... another affordable winner.

    But unless you'd like to be relagated to only the basement/practice room, think carefully about the amp selection. I did read your idea about running direct/micing the B100R, and it will work as I've done it many times myself. But your band either has a powerful PA, or you're counting on every single medium + sized venue you play in to have one, which is a gamble.