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  1. Ok, so i bought a 105Q crybaby, and withen 6 weeks, it broke, and finally last night, i email the Jim Dunlop corperation. Here's the email

    "About a 10 months ago I purchased a 105Q Bass Crybaby Wah pedal from a local Guitar Center, and about 6 weeks later, the effect itself ended up being "bypassed" for lack of a better word. When the effect is engaged, there is no "filter sweep" what so ever, and it is just a hi pass filter, with diminished volume. I have tried fixing it myself, but with no luck. Would my pedal still be under warranty, or would I have to bring it to a specialist at a music or electronic repair shop?"

    now, i just found out my father (not me) never really opened it up, he just looked under the battery compartment, and never fixed it. Now they are asking me for a serial number and everything, and now i'm just screwed. Can anyone help me out here? If i send an email back, they're going to think i'm lying, but if i don't i'll never get it fixed... :-/
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    I'm confused. What does your father have to do with this? I'll try and help you as much as I can, I've had a LOT of experience with warranty coverage and tech support lately.:( :mad:
  3. My dad just looked at it, but i thought it tried to repair it. I put down in the email I fixed it, instead of my father to make me look older :-/ afraid i wasn't gonna get the proper responce back
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    wait.....what? I don't see the problem..... you never really opened it up, but said you just explain it to them. The warranty would be all the more valid I'd think if they learned you never really opened it......

    I dunno what the big problem is...
  5. ok, when i say in the email "I tried to repair it" my dad really did, i just said i tried to make myself sound mature. and it's not as simple as that, if I email them back saying that my dad never opened it up, i'll say i was lying, and then they may not accept to repair it...
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    Feb 13, 2000
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    Well, if I'm understanding this correctly, you shouldn't have a problem. Say you tried to repair it. "Trying to repair" something doesn't mean you know what you're doing. You could have stuck a banana in the input jack, doesn't mean you weren't trying to repair it. If they say "Well, only the battery connector came loose. Any idiot could have fixed that" say "Well... :D "

    EDIT: Nix that. I think I just got it. You think that opening it might have voided the warranty? Well, you could try changing your story, but I think its a little late now, they will view that with great suspicion. Just say you opened it and looked around; didn't touch anything, didn't move anything.
  7. i emailed them back, i never opened it the plate, only the battery jack. thats it.. i'll update this thread tomorrow
  8. update: They will repair my pedal, but now i gotta look for a proof of purchase, or a receipt