Need a Plain, ole J-Bass Pickup ...

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  1. A while back, I bought a Squier Affinity Jazz V as a backup to my Peavey Cirrus. When I bought it, I added a J-Retro preamp and I like the bass a lot.

    The only gripes I have are that:
    a) The bass is a bit noisy and
    b) The stock pups are a little too dirty/grindy for my tastes.

    I'm about to have it professionally shielded and I will also be changing out the pickups.

    I want to add a set of J-Bass pickups that will give me an authentic Jazz tone. Nothing hyper-expensive like Bardens (sexy looking pups, BTW!) and nothing hyper-modern like some of the uber-humcancelling pups I've seen :)::cough::: DiMarzio :::cough:::). All I want is a set of pickups to make my bass sound like a plain, old-fashioned Fender Jazz Bass.

    Any (reasonably priced) suggestions?
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    How about the vintage voiced single coil options from Dimarzio or Seymour Duncan? I've heard good things about both.

    Or even some genuine Fender replacements would probably go over well... doesn't get much more authentic than that.
  3. ::::duh::: THAT is probably what I should look into. Thanks!
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    I agree. Try to get the set used in the American Standard Jazz V. They are excellent IMO. You might find some on eBay, or, with the part number from Fender's site, you should be able to order from any Fender dealer.