Need a real amp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by relman, Jan 2, 2001.

  1. I need opinions on these...

    Ampeg BA115
    GK RB400 combo
    Hartke 2115
    any othe you may suggest
    i'm looking for a very versatile amp that will get me from "McCartney" to "Flea" (tonewise)
    PA is barely possible
  2. relman,

    i'm in the same situation as you... looking for a powerful, versatile combo that won't break the bank. what's i've found out, reading reviews and what not:

    ampeg is great for warm, tonesy stuff. not a good choice for slapping and popping though. you might be able to get around this by adding on an extension speaker that can reproduce the highs.

    not a whole lot of difference between the GK and Hartke it seems. the 400RB 2-10" combo has really caught my attention, though. it's got good reviews for doing flea stuff (doesn't flea play through a GK?) and you can add on a 15" extension super-easy that looks like it was made to fit. it's my impression that the hartke is a bit cheaper.

    also consider SWR's Workingman 15 and Nemesis NC-112P, 115, 210 or 212. These are more modern sounding from what i've heard and you may have difficulty getting some of the vintage tones. but i hear they have pedals that can take care of that.
  3. the thing is I really need a rainbow of tones, and I'm not very sure about the GK being that versatile...Is it?
  4. I would say more than the Ampeg. The GK and Hartke should provide similar experiences. They can both get a very bright sound, but can also be very muffled and bassy ( I think some people call this 'warm') depending on how you set the eq. You may want to go with a 1x15 combo though.