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Need a recomendation-Yammy RBX 765A Pickups/Preamp replacement

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Steelpulz, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Steelpulz


    Nov 4, 2003
    Inglewood, CA
    I bought a Conklin BDGT-7 and now want to revamp my Yamaha RBX 765A. I play 65-75% fingerstyle and slap 25-35% of the time. I mainly play contemporary gospel, jazz, funk. I need help with a recommendation for a preamp and pickup. So, if you have modified yours or otherwise have some info, please let me know
  2. I put the pickups from the RBX-775 in my BB-G5A (very similar bass, different shaped body and headstock). If you're after a fatter, dirtier sound with a bit of the musicman 'clacky' sound on the attack, they're a pretty good (and cheap) option.

    Stayed with the stock preamp but I'm increasingly tempted to put an OBP-3 thats gathering dust in a drawer.

    The pups on the 765 should be a wee bit longer than the EMG45 shape, so if you don't mind a little gap at each end you've for the option of the EMG, Bartolini and Seymour Duncun pups in that equivalent shape.

    Josh D
  3. chokehold


    Sep 23, 2010
    Hi all.

    Yep, this is a really old post, but it's EXACTLY my problem at the moment... what kind of pickups will fit the strange Yamaha-sized holes on my RBX 765A?

    As it's a 5-string bass, actually the EMG 40s should fit, but they seem WAY too short to fit in there. The EMG 45s are the nearest I could find, but they're for 6-string basses...

    I've heard something about EMG pickups having blade magnets inside, not pole pieces. Were there pole pieces in the pickups, of course using a 6-string pickup with 5 strings would be silly and useless. But if it's only blade magnets anyway... that shouldn't be a problem?
  4. chokehold


    Sep 23, 2010
    le bump
  5. Wow, 4 year old thread...

    EMG45's are the go. The blade magnets mean that you don't need to have the strings line up with a particular sensing area (ala jazz or musicman pickups), the blade will sense similarly all along its length.

    The other option to consider are SGD pickups. They have a number of options that fit the EMG45 shape, I have a pair of the Series 3's in another bass and am thoroughly impressed.

    And seriously, the 775 pickups are really cool. I've since replaced the preamp for an Audere and it became a seriously great sounding bass, it just couldn't keep up with the playability of the MTD.
  6. chokehold


    Sep 23, 2010
    Yeah, I know. But why open a new thread, if the same question was already asked? :)

    Blade magnets, great.

    I see from your post from ~4 years ago that you have a 775 bass, the successor to my 765. I'm planning to play it tuned to Bb-F-Bb-Eb-Ab, as I'm a guitarist and that's what my guitars' lower 5 strings are tuned to.
    The 775 is a 5-string as well, so its pickups will be fit to reproduce typical 5-string tunings. The EMG 45s on the other hand are 6-string pickups, so I guess they should handle lower notes better. Any experience/thoughts on this?

    I know how long it takes and how expensive it can get to order "original" spares directly from manufacturers or the "local store", and eBay isn't very helpful either.
    So do you know of any other possibility to get hold of Yamaha spares, like an online shop or something?

    Thank you anyway for your help so far!
    Much appreciated.

  7. Almost right, its the pickups from the 775 but in a BB-G5A.

    I wouldn't get too hung up on whether or not the pickups will cover the range, the Bb isn't really that low. For the Yamaha pickups I just asked my local, they did take a little while to arrive though. They were pretty well priced though.

    The question that wasn't asked is what do you want to change? I quite like Yamaha's pickups, its the preamps that tends to let them down...
  8. chokehold


    Sep 23, 2010
    I bought the "corpse" of a 765 off eBay real cheap, so I only have the body and the neck.
    And now I'm slowly gathering "body parts" to put it all back together again.

    And I know that a Bb isn't much lower than the B for which the 5th string is intended, but as I've seen pictures of the inside of a stripped EMG guitar pickup, I know that at least one of the blades doesn't cover the full width of the pickup. If the 45s are built the same way, that might result in not-so-chunky lows, as maybe against a "dedicated" pickup with the pole piece directly under the B string?

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