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Need a Summer Job...

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by xolin, May 2, 2004.

  1. Well..this will be the second time I've asked for advice, but I'm getting desperate now.
    Summer job, anything, 10+/hr pay (Canadian) is what i'm after. I found a bunch...got none of them...whats up?!
    Any suggestions...maybe someone is quitting in the Toronto area :/ ?

  2. Here is an opportunity:

    1. Get in a band (if ur not in one already)
    2. practice
    3. make posters and stuff, post them around ur town
    4. play at parties around your community...

    thats wat im goin to try to do this summer, for small time partys you could probably make $200+ a show...
  3. Of course I will do that...that will be my part-time employment however since my goal is to get money...and a lot of it...to go to europe next summer/pay off some school. So that is not feasible for that kind of income. As for 200/show...maybe, but shows/week is prob ~1...so...not quite the 3000/month im seeking :meh:...too bad.

    Good luck, though...

    Unless of course i can join an already successful band...but what are the odds of that :meh: :meh: