Need Advice for Amp Head for Aguilar 4x12 cab

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  1. I have an Aguilar 4x12 cab (1200watt) and using a Yorkville XS800H head (800 watts) and not satisified with the tone.

    I'd appreciate any advice from you guys. :confused:

    My signal chain in this order bass, EH Bass Balls, Fulltone Bass Drive II, Aphex Acoustic Exciter pedal (to board), Amp to cab.

    Once I get a good amp tone, I'd like to mic the amp and run the two siginals to the board.

    I'm looking for a more rock vintage bass sound, not a modern slap sound. I had an small rig SWR 350 into a Acme Low B, liked it, but a new SWR 750 is out of my price range. I'd like a good preamp because I run that to to PA, the Yorkvilles is not what I like, so I run my Apex DI out to the board with good results. I'm thinking of selling the Yorkville for one of the following:

    Yorkville YBA200 - 200 watts all tube ($650)
    Mesa Boogie 400t (used) ($800)
    Fender Pro 300t ($1100)
    Mesa Boogie Pulse 600 used ($800)
    Tech 21 600 ($600-$1200)

    I've played a Classic SVT through this cab in the store, sounded very good, but I thought a more powerfull solid state amp would be better. Guss I was wrong.
    I called Yorkville today, very nice service, but they couldn't swap the 800 for the YBA200 (about the same price). I got the Yorkville for $605 and the cab for $700 used. Not sure if the YBA200 at 200 watts is strong enough.

    Should I just settle for what I got or get a different amp??
  2. Quadzilla

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    I have a Aggie GS212 and my Kustom Groove Bass 1200 sounds AWESOME thru it. I did however just sell the Kustom due to weight reasons (31 lbs vs 18 lbs on the new head I will prob get).
  3. I think the Kustom would sound similiar to the Yorkville.
    Come on, you're only dropping 12lbs from your rigg. Does the new amp get better tone?
    I hear the Thunderfunk 550 is good and light.
  4. After all the cheerleading you've done about the Kustom, you sold it?

    I like that my Aggie only weighs 18 lbs.
  5. Quadzilla

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    I'm also losing the power conditioner and rack tuner. I'm considering the Aggie head also, but it's a bit out of my price range. I REALLY love my A.M.P. BH-420, but I hear that the T-Funks don't get as "edgy" or "gritty" as the BH-420's. Heck, I'd prob consider getting another one of those!