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need advice on amps

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mvw356, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. mvw356


    Mar 2, 2006
    i am not happy with my sound, and i'm pretty sure its the amp. my curent set up is a sting ray -cable -amp (laney r5) why i'm not happy? well its a bit difficult to describe but, it kinda sounds dead and not alive. also not much growl, and i doubt that that is due to my bass or cable, so it must be the amp. i truly love the sting ray sound and i'm looking for an amp that can reproduce its sound without colouring it too much. i'm thinking of getting an ampeg b-15r, it sounds awesome i think ,but its expensive. i could just about afford it, but if you people can suggest anything cheaper and just as good? i doesn't have to be a valve amp, but from my experience with guitar amps valves really do make a difference.

    i tried hartke stuff, sounded terrible to my ears and also some transistor ampeg stuff; i was not impressed as it basically sounded just as dead and lifeless as my laney(and twice as expensive). i'm looking for a 70's rock sound a la john paul jones or david hungate (his slap sound is amazing) i suppose they both used ampeg stuff

    i don't want an amp that i have to modify in order for it to sound good (like the pignose valve amp) watts is not really an issue as ther is always the p.a.
  2. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    have you heard good "growl" from you bass guitar through other amps?? I thought that growl usually came from the combination of strings and pickup configuration.?

    unlively sound can sometimes come from only having "just enough" power to be heard. if you can double the power you use now you might hear a big difference.

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