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  1. Squice

    Squice Guest

    Jul 4, 2001
    Reykjavík, Iceland
    I´m in seriously need of a cab right now. My amp is an Ashdown 500 EVO rack,, i really want to have 2x10" + 1x15", and my dream would be Aguilar 1x15 and acme low b-2 2x10" but thats not possible. beacouse i need something right now, my only choices are Ashdown and swr, So tonight i´m gonna go to my music store and get them borrowed for tonights practice, My options are ashdown 2x10 and 1x15. and swr Goliat III 4x10". So i was wondering if any of you could tell my what to expect, what the difference is with cabs, i know there´s going to be alot difference since its 2x10"+1x15" or 4x10", so whats the difference between these brands, i have never heard the ashdown, but heard alittle from the swr and heard alot of talk about that they are a little bright and harsh sounding. I had before Trace Elliot 350w amp, 4x10" + 1x15" and simply just hated the sound from it.. it was completely not my thing, but the ashdown is just completely another story i just love it. So i´m looking for much bass in my sound, Smooth bass, great highs, But also backbreaking punch when i´m in need for that. so i guess a little versatility is my thing. So do you guys think these cabs will satisfy my needs??

    My best regards..
  2. Well, I've just kinda went the other way from you.....almost. I have a Trace AH500 head, and had Trace 4 x 10 and 1 x 15 cabs - loved them, loved the look, loved the sound, hated the size and weight....

    Got rid of the cabs and replaced them with Ashdown Mini 4 x 8 and Mini 1 x 15 cabs. Absolutley fantastic. The 1 x 15 weighs 19kgs, the 4 x 8 about 30 kgs give or about portability! The sound is lovely! But then, I am still using as Trace head.

    The Trace head is on ebay at the mo, and when it goes, I'm picking up an Ashdown ABM EVO 500 head (the head I originally demoed the cabs with).

    Not sure what the 2 x 10 is like, but I'm well impressed with the 4 x 8 - very punchy little cab. The 1 x 15 has plenty of bottom in it too (although the 4 x 8 can do boomy as well!)

    Enjoy your experiment! Let me know how you get on!
  3. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    I tried one of the ashdown combos, maybe it was the electric blue 210? anyway I've been an SWR man for several years. the ashdown was midrangey to me and not heavy enough on the lows. a swr 410 (proline, not workingman) would sound great to me! I'll never consider ashdown until I hear a different sound from them!

    get the 410 if you want to carry it!!
  4. by the same token/logic, what you're saying is akin to saying that you tried out an ampeg b2r, didn't like it, and therefore lump together other ampeg amp products such as the SVT (various amps and cabs for this example) and the b100r with the b2r and refuse to bother trying them...? They're entirely different beasts, and among most manufacturer's, there are excellent quality products and those which have less quality and less of what we look for as bassists.

    I know I'm talking both about heads and combos here, but so were yours and the previous posts...
  5. GRoberts

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    Jan 7, 2003
    Tucson, AZ USA

    I own an Ashdown ABM500 EVO Rackmount Chrome head. Absolutely LOVE the amp. Generous power with more headroom than I could ever need in my experience so far. I've played large rooms and outdoor gigs with a soundman. I never had the Master Volume up past 12:00 straight up and the input gain 2-3 clicks up from zero.

    The cabinet I am using is KILLER! It is easily the equivalent of two cabinets in terms of output, clarity, projection and best of all, tone. I am using a Bergantino HT322. (1x12, 2x10's and Horn - 4 ohm cabinet) The guys at Bass Northwest told me they were using the Ashdown ABM500 EVO with a Bergie HT322 and that is sounded glorious. I play a Modulus Quantum 5 (5 string) and this cabinet just pounds out the lows but projects and cuts through any mix with its 12" speakers and the legendary smooth Bergie horn. Check out a Bergantino!

    Lastly, I also have to say that initially, I heard the Ashdown ABM500 EVO through an Aguilar GS212 cabient and that it was VERY impressive. It was bit more 'vintage' sounding than my Bergantino HT322, but could still yield a nice modern tone, with Bluesy, R&B Vintage fullness. I think that Aguilar speakers are very good values for the money. Might be getting a GS112 for small gigs and for band practices. Hope that helps.
  6. Squice

    Squice Guest

    Jul 4, 2001
    Reykjavík, Iceland
    I tried out the swr goliat III 4x10"+horn,
    And i didn´t like it all, First of all i think the tweeter is way too loud and making way too much hizz sound if i turn up the treble a bit, And shure this thing had some punch and low end, but not to my liking i thought it were way too harsh, and i was after a cab that could too put out some smooth lows when i´m after that, and there wasn´t anything smooth about this cab, and the highs wheren´t to my liking either. Right now i´m just using a temp.. Yorkville 2x10 + horn PA cab, and i like that much better than the swr. But sure it ain´t able too handle as much bottom as the swr 4x10" but still i find it superior in nearly every way. But after all this is just IMO, and there must be alot of people that like it, The best about it is that it looks great.. :)
    so my next step here is to try out the ashdown cabs..

  7. I own an Ashdown Electric Blue 130 combo - with a single 15" problems with bottom end on this one, handles the low B on my 5 stringers nicely - which is why I bought it!