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Need advice on displaying Grandpa's guitar

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Deanyo, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Hey, so I was hoping I could get some advice here. I just acquired my grandpas old 12 string. It was his pride and joy, he gave it to my mother when he passed and she left it to me when she did as well here a few months back.

    My wonderful wife lets me hang my basses on our walls instead of storing them in cases and Id like to get a glass/plexiglass cabinet for his 12 string. My mother always wanted to have it out but was afraid of hanging it on a wall or a stand and something happen to it, grandpa passed away when she was really young and that guitar is all that she had of him growing up. I more then likely won't ever play it, 12 strings is 8 too many for my taste and the guitar is in perfect condition, has two dings from my mom when she was in her teens..Im kinda afraid to play it to be honest, She was super protective off it when I was growing up :bag: lol

    My question is for people that have the fancy display cases or have advice about them, whats a good brand.. is it better to build one yourself.. etc. I would like one that keeps it secure, number one priority and would prefer one that I could keep the humidity constant, was thinking about one of the humida packs planet waves or another company sells. Anyways, thanks in advance guys, I hope everyone had a good Christmas:)
  2. pfox14


    Dec 22, 2013
    What kind of guitar is it? If it's a real quality instrument, then I would opt for a display case. Otherwise, I would just hang it on the wall.
  3. Its a Hohner 12 String, (G-12D) Acoustic Electric, Im not sure how much its worth or anything, more of the sentimental value really. I tried looking up how old it is but that is proving a challenge because apparently you can't just look up their serial numbers on the internet :/ Should be from the early 70's though if my memory is correct.
  4. Also, after going over it and cleaning it up a bit last night, I noticed some mold/mildew? on the side of it, anyone have any advice on to clean that with minimal damage to the finish? It didn't wipe off when I took the polish cloth to it.

    Its pretty new (the mold) long story short but after my mother passed in august her husband moved with my sisters and let the house go back to the bank, the guitar was left to me but I wasn't allowed to go get it and no one brought it to me till yesterday, it sat in the house for about 3 months, the last two weeks of which there was no power there. Im assuming the cold and moisture got to it then?
  5. I don't know alot about guitars, but I believe this is a dreadnought style..?:bag:

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  6. Serial number looks like some sort of black square? and then 07188

    Im sure the square isn't part of the number, maybe just like when they stamp stuff it just had nothing selected because the number is so low? (im thinking of when I had to use a price gun at kmart, same principle?)

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  7. Milk


    Sep 16, 2013
    Montreal, Canada
    Considering its a Hohner acoustic, i could be wrong but i doubt if it's worth more than at best 300$ since it has dings and all. I'm not sure i've ever seen a hohner go for over 400$. Unless somehow it's a very sought after rare model i'm not aware of. I know it has sentimental value which is certainly more important that money value in my eyes, im just saying. You should have it appraised if it matters to you to know.
  8. Cool, thanks thats good to know. The actual monetary value doesn't matter really, my mom would come back and kick my ass if I ever sold it, it was more important to her then me but I know she wanted it to be kept in the family. I was more just trying to date it because I don't know much about it
  9. BCB50


    Dec 25, 2013
    Higden, Arkansas
    Just a thought. It may only be a Hohner, and market value may not be that high. Look at it this way, it was your Grandpa's and he loved it. The fact is he isn't here anymore, but you have something you can display and look at to remind you. Display it with that in mind.
  10. Lou Bottini

    Lou Bottini

    Feb 25, 2004
    Sentimental value is priceless.
    Opt for a glass curio cabinet or proper display case; it will look great. I made a display case from a used curio cabinet I picked up years ago; removed the shelves and fabricated a hanger. Some have built in lights for display.
  11. pfox14


    Dec 22, 2013
    I would not bother with a display case. Why not just hang it on the wall?
  12. wcoffey81


    Feb 3, 2012
    S/E Michigan
    to clean it up i suggest trying some automotive scratch remover or swirl mark remover. it uses a very fine abrasive that will clean the surface without risk of burning through. after that a quick coat of wax to protect it. use only a small amount of product on a microfiber towel or a piece of t-shirt material. take your time and it should look almost new again.
  13. Gundecker


    Mar 29, 2013
    It appears to be a rare Hohner 10 string! Just playing. I would have it restrung and play it. Grandpa loved it, he would prolly want it played. 12 stringers have a beautiful sound to them, almost regal.
  14. Thanks guys, sorry took so long to get back, been dealing with family stuff.

    @Wcoffey81 thanks, ill give that a try!

    @gundecker haha my wife said nearly the same thing. I will restring it for sure, the ones are there are kinda grimy. It does have an amazing sound, maybe this would be a good time to relearn my chords lol.

    @BCB50 and @Lou yeah thats the direction I was leaning, and I wouldnt thought of getting a cabinet and repurposing it. I talked to a guy in town who said he could build one for about $200, but we have tons of antique/thrift shops in town, Im sure I could find a cabinet that would work