Need advice to teach music (genres) in a taiwanese high school

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    Jan 10, 2003
    Taipei, Taiwan
    Alright guys- I'm asking for help here because I have a great deal of respect for your opinions when it comes to music. I need some help in suggestions for styles of music to teach and bands/or songs to demonstrate them to my students.

    I teach in a hugely underfunded high school in Taipei- and I've been given a 1 hour class each week (with 75 kids) to teach anything I like (as long as it's in english). Kids over here have little concept of music beyond MTV (which is even more sugared up here than in the West). they have no idea who Hendrix, Bob Marley, Miles davis or Nirvana- let alone Jaco.

    I'll only get around 20 classes- and 1 song taught in each class. I want to get them to recognise different genres and so far i'm using.(please tell me if you think I'm missing something/ lots of things-).
    Rock / Country / Hip Hop / Pop / Jazz / Classical / Reggae
    What I really need are suggestions for songs to use in each genre- I'll only be able to pick 3 for each genre and I want it to be something with not too abstract lyrics- (their first language is Mandarin)that is reasonably acessible as well as definitve. I would really really appreciate you suggestions, as would my kids- they're pretty enthusiastic about the idea.
    Any ideas...? :help: