Need an odd power supply

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  1. An employee of my dad's recently brought in an M Audio Omnistudio that he was no longer using and gave it to my Dad since he knew I was interested. He was selling it for $75 on Craigslist but called that a "Craigslist tax" for the people he had to deal with and said I could have it for free. The catch is there's no power supply. No big deal, I was going to buy an Mbox (which would have limited me to Pro Tools LE) and a couple mics for $150, so I figured I can be bothered to hunt down a power supply for it.

    So, I get it the other day and I turn it around and read that it needs a 9V 3500mA power supply. First I went through everything I could think of in my house, but none of them had a rating higher than an amp or so. Then I went on the internet and searched, and I can't seem to find anything with that kind of amperage at 9V. Is there something I'm missing?
  2. I tried the Google search again, phrased a little differently, and found one on Avid's website. As long as 3.5 Amps is the same as 3500 miliamps, I'm good to go. I should probably learn a thing or two about electronics...
  3. The two mAs are the same. Different way of writeing it. 1 Amp is 1000mA

    Interesting thing about mA is that the unit is not pulling that. 3.5 is A LOT. Usually the maker will SAY it draws what their power supply is rated at so you'll think you need to buy their power supply, a very high mark up item.

    The 3 things that really matter are the voltage, AC or DC and jack polarity.

    Amps do matter but to a lesser extent. As long as you're not below the units actual draw you're good. I be surprised if the units pulling 2.