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Need Assistance.

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by Shortbigtoe, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Shortbigtoe


    Feb 25, 2008
    Posted this in wrong forum a few minutes ago and I figured this one was more suitable.

    You guys must think I'm stupid by asking this question but here it goes. I've bought myself a "Teach Yourself Bass Guitar" book and they keep saying stuff like "play the A note on the E string". Now I understand that from top to bottom string its EADG, but that part confuses me when it says to play the A note on the E string (I know it's the 5th fret), but my question is, is there a chart that I could look at that has all the notes for each string/fret.

    P.S. This is my first venture into playing an instrument so thats why I ask here after trying to look for a chart but sadly was not victorious.

    (Sorry for bad grammar/spelling mistakes, English isn't my first language)
  2. Shovelbone

    Shovelbone Supporting Member

    Oct 18, 2007
    Yonderville Georgia
    Check out this website WWW.StudyBass.com
  3. tanslacks

    tanslacks Supporting Member

  4. tanslacks

    tanslacks Supporting Member

    that's pretty funny. Same time posts:)
  5. fretboard_notes.

    Here you go
  6. Shortbigtoe


    Feb 25, 2008
    Man, all this sounds a bit complicated. I wish I could remember all that. Here I thought that its just playing notes, but apparently there is a science behind it. I guess that makes it more challenging and fun :D
  7. bigthemat


    Jan 25, 2008
    Salt Lake City
    To play an instrument you will need a solid grasp of theory. there are a lot of sites, but I have personally used www.musictheory.net and it is pretty good.
  8. Dont get overwhelmed with everything all at once. You just need to take small steps. I am not familiar with the bass book your reading.

    Try this website and spend about 30 minutes a day on it. Name the notes on the fretboard as you go through exercises on the site

  9. Shortbigtoe


    Feb 25, 2008

    It's called "Teach Yourself Visually: Bass Guitar" by Ryan Williams and Richard Hammond
  10. There are some good beginner books out there. One of My favorites was All About Bass by Chad Johnson

    Hal Leonard is the publisher
  11. jschwalls


    Sep 4, 2007
    Savannah GA
    E string:
    Open = E
    1st fret = F
    2nd fret = F# same as Gb
    3rd fret = G
    4th fret = G# same as Ab
    5th fret = A
    6th fret = A# same as Bb
    7th fret = B
    8th fret = C
    9th fret = C# same as Db
    10th fret = D
    11th fret = D# same as Eb
    12th fret = E octave

    A string :
    Open = A
    1st fret = A# same as Bb
    2nd fret = B
    3rd fret = C
    4th fret = C# same as Db
    5th fret = D
    6th fret = D# same as Eb
    7th fret = E
    8th fret = F
    9th fret = F# same as Gb
    10th fret = G
    11th fret = G# same as Ab
    12th fret = A octave

    D string:
    Open = D
    1st fret = D# same as Eb
    2nd fret = E
    3rd fret = F
    4th fret = F# same as Gb
    5th fret = G
    6th fret = G# same as Ab
    7th fret = A
    8th fret = A# same as Bb
    9th fret = B
    10th fret = C
    11th fret = C# same as Db
    12th fret = D octave

    G string:
    Open = G
    1st fret = G# same as Ab
    2nd fret = A
    3rd fret = A# same as Bb
    4th fret = B
    5th fret = C
    6th fret = C# same as Db
    7th fret = D
    8th fret = D# same as Eb
    9th fret = E
    10th fret = F
    11th fret = F# same as Gb
    12th fret = G octave

    after 12th fret the notes just repeat...
    13th fret of E string is F

    see the pattern yet ??
    good luck and welcome to the world of music. :)
  12. Shortbigtoe


    Feb 25, 2008
    Thanks a bunch! The problem I'm running into is playing the notes fast enough or trying to keep up with playing the notes and plucking the strings at the same time =(
  13. Mo' Bass 00

    Mo' Bass 00

    Aug 15, 2006

    Practice always fixes that, also start off with a slower tempo then work your way up to a faster tempo as you get better!

    Also, say the notes as you play them and you will learn the Fretboard much faster!

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