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Need assistance...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by 5156246, Sep 6, 2000.

  1. 5156246


    Sep 6, 2000
    I am in serious trouble!

    I have about 3500 $ left. And I want a new bass.
    And I have to decide between a
    - Warwick Infinity http://www.warwickbass.com/basses/infinity.html

    and a
    - Le Fay Midas (anybody know Le Fay?) -> German Page

    I never played the Midas. This basses are made by one single person in the north of Germany and known as absolute state of the art. I read an article of it with the resumee: "Halleluja, a dream of a bass. Endless sustain, great tone, fantastic finish and work ..."

    I phoned the chief (and only employee :) ) and he will send me one for testing! That's nice.

    But on the other hand, there is this fabulous Warwick.
    One of the most beautiful instruments I've ever seen.
    Perfect sound, playability, and arg... everything.

    Thus...2 great Instruments and I HAVE to decide. This is a really hard choice, so could you help me with a few statements about the basses?

    Most of all: Has anyone ever heard or played a Le Fay?


    [Edited by 5156246 on 09-08-2000 at 05:56 AM]
  2. Blackbird

    Blackbird Moderator Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2000
    Man, I wish I had your problems!

    Will C.:cool:
  3. Yeah man, you're in some trouble there!! HA! Nice problem to have. Best of luck in your decision. I know I could get in some serious trouble with $3500!
  4. gmstudio99


    Mar 11, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    Man, that Le Fay is one jive-ass looking bass. I couldn't get the web site to come up, though...but if he's willing to send you one, check it out! ANYone can get a Warwick, but that Le Fay just looks very very cool.

    -GM, who only had 35 cents left
  5. gmstudio99


    Mar 11, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    Thanks Nate...can't read a word of German, but the pictures looked nice, and pictures of beer, to boot! Basses and beer :)

    I guess you have to do the same thing that even some poor beginner looking for a Squier would have to do: get one of each and play them until one feel right to you.

  6. DarkMazda


    Jun 3, 2000
    Thats why Bass starts with B so u can say stuffs like


  7. I must say that those Lefay basses do look cool. Wish I had the funding to get one. Never heard of them though, but hey thats ok for me.. now i know what to long for, right? Nah I think Ill stick to my loved Sterling for a while.
  8. Doug


    Apr 5, 2000
    Buffalo, N.Y.
    Yeah, that Le Fay sure looks good. But I would have them round the end of the body off. Don't care for those two horns with the strap studs on them, sticking out like that.

    $3,500....Hmmmmm :daydreams:
  9. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    By any means get the Le Fay!!!!

    They're the coolest basses I've played yet (Pangton 6) - and it's like a little custom shop - I would refrain from such radical modifications, though...why spoil a great design? On top of it all - Rainer really is a very nice fellow....

    If you'd like me to translate the webpage for you (I'm German) - just drop me a mail... jmx9030@gmx.net

    [Edited by JMX on 09-08-2000 at 05:10 AM]

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