Need combo amp advice!

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  1. Captain Digital

    Captain Digital

    Sep 23, 2001
    Plano TX
    I am in the market for a new bass amp and could use some help.

    I currently own/play through a Peavey TKO 75. I just switched to fretless 5-string, and I've found that the Peavey just doesn't seem to have the ability to handle the low B string. I'm playing in a large church auditorium, with the bass signal running through a DI into the main PA. Essentially, the combo amp functions strictly as my personal stage monitor. I've looked at the Hartke Kickback models locally, and like them - at least how they sound in the store. In speaking to a music store owner/friend, he advised me against Hartkes and thought I should go with G-K, SWR, or...Peavey. (He's a Peavey dealer. Go figure.) I've nothing for or against any of these brands - I just want a good combo amp. I need something that can handle the 5-string, and would prefer one with a built-in DI. A kickback-style cabinet would be a "plus." The music I'm playing is mainly in the Southern Baptist repetoire (in other words, anything from church hymns to gospel, R&B, 70's flavored rock and the musical stylings of the Christian equivalents to John Tesh and Barry Manilow). (On the positive side, we are putting together a Big Band for a spring concert, so I'll actually get to play some stuff I like for a change.)

    If any of you have some insight as to amp brands/capabilities/weaknesses and can share them, I'd appreciate it. I need something that can handle the B-string, and can handle a wide variety of musical styles.


    - Brad
  2. I have a Peavey TNT-150 that I use for church, it has a 15" speaker, so it should handle the B just fine. It sounds great to me, and are very cheap to get, I got mine used for $250.
  3. Pea-NUT


    Jul 1, 2001
    Jerseyville, IL
    I have a Peavey TNT115. It handles the B fine. I like the amp. Easy to use, but really really heavey 125lbs:D