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  1. why does my burner say "ERROR: cue sheet not accepted by the drive" and how do i fix it?
  2. Cause #1: CD-recorder does not comply with the MMC standard (MultiMedia Commands for CD-R/RW devices). Poikosoft Easy Audio CD Creator supports only CD-R/RW recorders that support the standard Disk-At-Once w/ Cue Sheet -recording mode explained in MMC standard.

    Cause #2: You are trying to record more audio than the CD can hold (overburn). A standard CD-R or CD-RW disc can normally hold 74 minutes or 80 minutes audio.

    Cure: A firmware update from CD-R/RW recorder vendor may help. (You can search for a firmware upgrade for your recorder)
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    Mar 24, 2001
    You have a cue and a bin file right? Is it the right cue for the right bin? Is the cue corrupt? A lot of pirated files are, not that I'm saying your doing that, just a FYI. IIRC the cue sheet is like the blueprint to burn the bin to the cd, creating a clone of whatever was copied. I could be way off on this, as it never comes up for me.