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Need consoling.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by sound of bass, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Hello my TB kin, Im frantic and need some consoling and some positive outcome stories. You see, my Fender Jazz (active) just quit making sound, nothing, not even a buzzing. I replaced the batteries twice, which by the way worked in other devices, I was devastated! Its my main player, the best tone that Ive ever heard! Good news is a bought the extended warranty, which expires in just about another month. Bad news? I have to ship it to a place called Manella Guitars, apparently the only authorized Fender repair pros. Its just south of Pittsburgh, anyone ever hear of it? Im a nervous wreck because of all the horror stories I hear about UPS abuse / broken necks etc. Well, I shipped it today....cost me $ 65.OO.....with insurance, I bubble wrapped the hell out of it. They should receive it on Tuesday, I'll call on Wedneday to see if they got it and what shape its in. Please, someone tell me a positive outcome of having to ship a guitar this way....I'll never be able to sleep. Thanks for your shoulders.
  2. C'mon, what are the odds of my bass making back in one oiece? Can anyone relate?
  3. Jefenator


    Aug 22, 2008
    I've shipped a bunch of basses, usually without hardshell protection. No disasters yet, here. Chances are you'll be fine.
  4. Someone shipped it to the store you bought it from. Relax, it'll get there in one piece, if not you insured it.
  5. probably cost less for a local luthier to fix.....since the warranty is just about up anyway,that would have been my solution
  6. I hope you kissed it good bye since you'll never see that bass again... (Joking) Don't worry. It will be fine. There are great odds that nothing bad will happen to it.
  7. thats usually a pretty simple repair that would cost less that 65 for a local to fix....but maybe not. if it needs a new pre or pickup or something it could get pricey. either way, i think you will come out about the same cost, and i'm sure UPS will do right. i've shipped a bunch of guitars and never had a problem. let us know how it turns out, MKAY?
  8. nsmar4211


    Nov 11, 2007
    I've gotten 5 bases and shipped 3 back and forth with no damage on any of them from shipping.
    In 10 years of shipping UPS from work, we've had less than 2 claims a year of damage that were actually possibly UPS's fault (couple of wet boxes and one a forklift obviously picked up wrong). Out of thousands of boxes, that's pretty darn good. Don't worry...... :)
  9. Thanks brothers, I feel much better. I would have preferred to get it done locally, but if the work is not done by an "authorized" Fender repair shop it'll void the warranty. Ironically it was bought from my local GC, Ive bragged over and over about this bass on this site, it was an absolutely flawless bass, best tone Ive ever heard. Now this! I can only hope its a minor repair / $. Wouldnt you think GC would be an authorized Fender repair place since they sell so many and have tech service? I'll let you know how it turns out....and hope they dont send me back a beat up Hondo,lol.
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