Need feedback on this LINE 6 cab

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  1. Is good cab, sure

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  2. Naw man this cab sucks

  1. Dreig


    Sep 25, 2019
    Hey y'all

    I am prowling for a cab right now and since I am limited by my budget (read: I am poor) and owerpowered amp head, the search was very difficult. But now I have found this baby on sale:

    Line 6 410 Cab LowDown | MadaMusic
    600w at 8 ohm, that should handle my abominable 1000w/4ohm head.

    I did not even know Line 6 made bass cabs. Maybe that's why nobody bought it yet, or is it because they are bad? Anybody has experience with Line 6 cabs in general? Please do let me know.

    Also I hope nobody buys it until mid next week, I have payday somewhere around then. Currently my wallet is very empty.
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  2. beans-on-toast


    Aug 7, 2008
    The best thing to do is to bring your amp and try it out. If you like how it sounds, put a deposit down and they can hold it for you. Make sure all the speakers and the horn are working when trying it out.

    The cabinet has Eminence speakers but the company does not provide a lot in the way of specs.

    Not sure how it will handle a 1000W amp, you’ll have to be careful with the volume and bass tone levels.
  3. Dreig


    Sep 25, 2019
    Unfortunately, I cannot try it. The shop is on the other side of the country, 360 km away.

    And yes this lack of specs online is starting to make me doubt the purchase.
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