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    Jul 13, 2003
    ok......whats up everyone, im new to the sight and to the music scene.. I just recently , i mean liek last wed picked up a bass and decided i want to learn to play, right now i have a cheap setup and i am looking for some lessons online or wherever, i dont want to take lessons form an instructor b/c i am leaving for college in about a i mean i am a complete absolute beginner, if anyone knows of any websites that coudl teach me to read the bass patterns and chords etc. that would be great, any help would eb greatly appreciated

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    Hi! This thread will probably be moved to General Instruction where it'll get more anwers, but for now you can check out TalkBass member Jazzbo's Theory guide (it's marked as the homepage in his profile), and if you go to, there's a "Bassics" section that can show you lots of basic scales and arpeggio patters. There's also a section called "Resources" with links in the "Instruction" section to several good online instruction pages. Good luck!
  3. i would recomend going to your local music store and asking them for a book that will help teach a complete begginer. they are under 10bucks in fact i think under5
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    First, take a few English classes. Once you can read and write English, you'll have time to learn the bass guitar.