Need help: Ampeg pr-410hlf or Ampeg svt-410hlf?

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    Dec 1, 2011
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm relatively new to this forum, this is my first post, but it's been a great resource already. I'm in the market for a new cabinet and, up until recently, I was pretty sure I was going to go with the Ampeg SVT-410HLF. But then I recently played a show through a pr-410HLF at a show and it sounded pretty good. Now I'm wondering if that's the better bet, especially since I plan on touring in the future.

    I play in an atmospheric indie rock band and am playing through a Ampeg 6 x 10 cabinet with a solid state Ampeg B-2R head (I'm planning an upgrade to an Ampeg SVT-4 PRO head in the near future) right now. I like a lot of dynamic range in my sound, which is why I like Ampeg, so I don't want to lose too much of that.

    My question, in a nutshell, buy a new Ampeg SVT-410HLF Classic or buy a used (since there are no new ones anymore) Ampeg pr-410HLF?

    Thanks, everyone!

    - Lilly
  2. bassguppy


    Jan 8, 2003

    This is a difficult choice.

    The SVT410HLF has a very pronounced low end and for some it may be too boomy, others may love it so it's comes down to personal preference. The PR-410HLF I've never tried but the weight alone (around 125lbs) could be a deal breaker. The newer PN-410HLF is Ampegs new top-of-the-line series and that 410 is a more manageable 65lbs.
  3. man, i had the pr 410 and it was a back breaker. sounded good, but so do a lot of other cabs, i'd go for the svt.
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    Are you planning on getting rid of the 610hlf? What do you not like about it? I think your tone would improve if you went with a different Ampeg head. I found the B-2R to be a very COLD sounding head. Nice growly tone for sure though.

    The SVT 410hlf - it's a bottom heavy cab. It does not have very good midrange and not much growl. The PRO Series 410 from Ampeg is almost the same thing, but has a better mid presence than the SVT 410hlf. It's a good cab, but the WEIGHT! 126lbs for just one 410. It will get old lugging that thing around. I think neither cab is worth it.
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    I still have one of each. All of the comments above are pretty accurate. I prefer the sound of the PR, but it's a heavy dog to move. Ultimately I switched to fEARfuls, but to answer the question that was asked, I'd go for the PR410 if you can deal with moving it. Mine's on the Philadelphia CL now, but it's on the wrong end of the country for him.
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  6. lilspritch

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    Dec 1, 2011
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    I actually like the 610hlf just fine, I've been happy playing it for years, but it's impractical for going on the road with limited space, y'know until we have the money for a massive tour caravan. ;)

    I agree about the B2-R, that's why I'm getting ready to move on up to the SVT-4 Pro. While I'm at it, any thoughts on that head?

  7. lilspritch

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    Dec 1, 2011
    San Francisco
    Thanks, everyone! This was really helpful. I think I'll avoid the PR behemoth, but I'm a little concerned about too much bottom end out of the SVT, especially once I switch from the B2-R head. I'm definitely going to check out the PN-410HLF, this seems like it might be a good compromise.
  8. BassBob1


    Dec 21, 2010
    I have a SVT 410HLF. The cab does have a lot of low end but that doesn't make it boomy. It is also mid-scooped (but most ported 410s are). The thing is, your head has eq. I run my 7 pro through mine and my sound is never boomy and has plenty of mids see my sig or this. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed - Cover - YouTube (Maybe not the sound you are going for but doesn't sound boomy or mid-scooped to me.) I will say that if you are looking for a more practical easy to move 410 the PN would undoubtedly be a better option. The SVT 410HLF isn't awful to move but it can be awkward in tight spaces.
  9. JimmyM

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    If you go SVT 410HLF, I'd would definitely go newer. The newer cabs are made with plywood and the older ones from SLM are almost all made with OSB. I also think you ought to check out the Pro Neo as well, though. Lighter, doesn't go as low, haven't played it but I've heard it described as Ampeg but a little tighter sounding. Probably would go well with a 4 Pro. Good call on the head upgrade, BTW. If it were me I'd go full-on tube ;) but as traditionally made hybrids go, hard to beat a 4 Pro. Cliff Williams uses them...who's going to argue with him? ;)
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    Jan 9, 2016
    Just wanted to put in my 2 cents. Yes the the PR-410HLF is heavy BUT....It is due to the 13 Ply Birchwood. This Cab is the most solid Cab I have ever played through and I have probably owned over 2 dozen over the years. I own 2 now. I have a 2x10 Seismic that is lightweight I used to cart around for practice. I now have it at home. You can pick one up for under $150 and it is sound enough for rehearsal. But I tell you. One of the reasons I looked forward to playing a Gig is I pull out the PR410 and there is nothing like it. We now have a permanent practice room and I now leave it there. There is absolutely NO Rattle. Period. The Speakers are custom designed heavy duty US made as is the Cab and takes 600 watts RMS without flinching. I do not even have to mic it at any indoor venue. It is a Behemoth but if you do not move around for rehearsal then I would definitely go with this guy. You will never need another Cab. Most decent Bass Cabs need two folks to pick them up anyways and the PR410 has casters for rolling. You said you played through one. The bottom is unheard of in most cabs and has a adjustable crossover for high end. If you can get a nice one for a good price go for it! You will not be disappointed. BTW - I use a Beringer Class D BX2000H 1000 watt RMS with it at large Venues and a backline 600 Class B/C at smaller. I like the class b/c sound but they cannot put out the power the class D amps can. Folks have given Behringer a bad rap but do not realize they have built some of Ampegs Heads at their state of the art manufacturing facility. There is one Apeg Head all they did was rebrand a Behringer BVT450 with an Ampeg logo and called it a SVT-450.(fyi) Exact same head with $400+ price dif. I dare compare the PR410 to a SVT 8x10. Talk about hauling around! (Check speaker specs) At least you can get the PT410 in most cars where you need a truck for the SVT 8x10 lol.
    Ampeg link: Ampeg: Pro Series - PR-410HLF
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  11. LeftyD


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    Just a couple of pictures of the PR410HLF. What a well built cab, and great sound to match. ameg pr410hlf 003.JPG ameg pr410hlf 005.JPG ameg pr410hlf 007.JPG ameg pr410hlf 008.JPG
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  12. The Regulator

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    Aug 10, 2005
    I've heard them before, they sound good and are built like tanks. Holy moly they almost weigh the same as an 810E and are 18 pounds heavier than the 610HLF.
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