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  1. ericag_ph


    Jul 11, 2013

    I need some advice on choosing an amp for my 12 y.o. daughter. I am basically limited to just the following amps due to availability in my country:

    1. Peavey KB4 (75watt, 1x15, $427)
    2. Peavey KB5 (150watt, 2x10, $590)
    3. Laney AH150 (150watt, 1x15, $424)
    4. Laney AH300 (300watt, 1x15, $604)

    All four amps are able to handle bass guitar, keyboards, electronic drums, mic. According to the manual, the Peavey has a frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz. According to Laney Support, the Laney AH300 has a frequency range of 60Hz to 16kHz.

    She intends to use the amp for bass (about a year from now once she is better at basic guitar), Vdrums (right now) and vocals (right now). She already has a separate Roland Cube 80xl amp for her electric guitar.

    In terms of planned use: 95% of the time, the amp will just be at home for practice, so weight isn't a real issue, it won't be going anywhere often.

    But I am trying to consider the 5% of the time she will eventually use it to perform with fellow band mates on a stage/gym which seats 300-500 people. I am hoping the amp will last her for the next 10 years as a student. She just started playing elec. guitar and drums.

    I've read the comments on 1x15 vs 2x10 and honestly I still don't get it. I am leaning towards the Peavey, but only because of the existence of positive reviews on it. The only reviews for the Laney are older models AH200 and AH100.

    So my question is:
    1. I could use some advice and insight to help me make an informed decision.
    2. Would a 75 watt 1x15 be better than a 150 watt 2x10 for bass, drums and vocals in this situation?

    Thanks in advance,

    ps. I don't play any instruments at all, so all this is new to me.
  2. gregmon79

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    Dec 20, 2012
    Chicago IL
    If she plans to play to a room that seats 300 to 500 people, I'd go with the 300 watt. Not knowing if she'd have PA support or not, I'd still go with the 300 watts. That way, she probably won't need more power unless she stays with it and decides she wants more.
  3. I suspect the laney will not put out 300 watts without an extension speaker cab, likely 175 to 200 watts. Peavey is pretty honest about their power output ratings (the 150 is with the internal speakers and 200 with an 8 ohm extension).
    Either 2 or 4 would likely do well for her, the question is which could be serviced easiest in your area if the need comes up. Service network matters a lot. It could be the difference between a unit that used to work well and now is scrap or works well and is serviced properly and keeps gigging.
  4. ericag_ph


    Jul 11, 2013
    Thanks for the tips guys. I checked the local store, and it seems the spec tag on the Laney AH300 is 250watts and the AH150 is 120 watts, although the manual states otherwise. The local stores also have the Hartke KM200 (200 watts), I wasn't planning on considering that. Anything Roland or Behringer is 2-3x more expensive here than USA regular prices.

    So between the Peavey KB4 1x15 75 watts and the Peavey KB5 2x10 150 watts, will there be a big/noticeable difference and if yes, at what point will I notice the difference is it the room size or sound quality?
  5. 150 watts with a 210 would be noticed over the 115/75 watts with a drummer or room with more than 70 or so people.
    Sound between the 150 watt Peavey, KM200 or AH300 will be up to the person who will be playing it. So try before you buy! ;)
  6. Atbass


    Jul 12, 2013
    I've played on a few different types of cabs - 4x10s, 2x10+1x15, 1x15s, 1x12s - the list goes on. I have found that when I'm practicing at home on a 1x15, I really have to crank it to be able to hear myself. The 15" speakers push the sound very far, which unfortunately means that if you're standing right in front of it, you can't hear it at all. I've found that this also makes it difficult to judge where you actually sit in the mix with a band. Personally, I would go with the 2x10 for that reason. Of course, that's just my own experience.