Need help choosing Jazz replacements...

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  1. I've read the Jazz discussion thread, and know a bit more of what i'm looking for, but i'm still not sure...

    right now i've got a MIM jazz with EMGs running at 18v. generally i favour the neck pickup a bit, roll off the tone slightly, and my amp (Yorkville BM200T, 2x10" speakers) is set with the bass and treble cut slightly, lo-mid boosted slightly, and high-mid boosted more.

    it gives me a nice sound that cuts through but doesn't cover all the other instruments...

    i'm thinking i want to go back to passive, but not sure which pickups would be best. Dimarzio Model Js seem popular for a more classic passive sound (which i think i want). does this sound like the right pickups for me?
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    Jan 14, 2004
    There are so many Jazz pups and they pretty much all sound different. Model J's are common picks as are active EMG's but they different animals and I liked them both. Last check seems Smash settled in an Model J's. You'd have more wiring options with the model J's but whether they're for you only you can decide - after the fact of course. I'd just watch ebay and pick up a used set then you won't be out much if you don't like them - although they're pretty much a best buy cost wise new (at least last check they were only about $80).
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    Sep 9, 2006
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    What kind of sound are you trying to achieve? Those two are completly different sounding pups.
  4. Aeros...... ! Larry can make them to sound just the way you like. Nordstrands in my Valenti sound terrific as well. Passive, of course! ;)