Need help creating a vintage, 60s bass tone! (similar to Tame Impala)

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  1. Ursidae


    Mar 13, 2021
    I found this sample and I've been trying to recreate the tone for my own playing. The sample has a great attack but with a nice flat sustain that I'm having a lot of trouble trying to duplicate.

    The attached files are the original sample and then my best attempt at it so far (still pretty far off).

    I've got flatwound strings on my J bass, BIAS FX2 and guitar rig plus a bunch of tube saturation/compression plugins. I think the problem is when I achieve that kind of noisy attack with distortion/high freq saturation, I'm unable to keep the sustain nice and flat due to said distortion. Is there a way to saturate/overdrive just the attack? If anyone's tried to achieve this tone before, any advice is greatly appreciated!

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  2. jking138


    Oct 6, 2013
    Compairing the two, the Soulsurplus sample is much darker, try rolling off the tone on your bass, I think it's being played palm muted which will make it sound more thumpy.
    It also doesn't have a lot of sustain, the note durations are quite short and the sound is maybe more compressed then the first sample.

    Try splitting the track in two.
    Track A - overdrive and lightly compress with a low and high cut to drive the mids for the attack
    Track B - High cut so you get just low clean bass and slam it with a compressor.
    Blend the two together until you get the desired effect.
  3. 4Mal

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    Jun 2, 2002
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    Just listened to some Tame Impala. Sounds like a P Bass, pick and flats, maybe foam mute through DI or channel strip doubled on 'stuff'. Synth, Octave, envelope. Mixed down in a pretty standard EDM style. definately has that kick sample mixed front and center, 4 on the floor a lot.

    It's kind of mundane but that PBass, flats pick and mute thing is well, an effect of a sort. We don't think of it that was as there is no box, no cable, no switch. The technique can be used in a variety of settings though. Helps with pitch tracking on octaves and synths too. So if you're going for some of that doubling effect, good place to start. I call it 'the kick drum that changes pitch in time to the music.'

    Give a Listen to some Kruangbin (Psy-inflected surf) and also Down The River Electric by BoomBox. You may like that stuff as well, I do. Now going off to explore some more Tame Impala.
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