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    Dec 15, 2013
    So I am looking at two basses and I could really use some good input. The first is a Dean Juggernaut and the other is a Squire contemporary (passive) Jazz. Not sure which one is the better of the two. Any input is greatly appreciated thanks.
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    hi MVACCARO :)

    Marvel VS Monty Python? :D



    I vote for Terry! :laugh:

    may the bass be with you

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    Realistically speaking there is probably not a lot of difference between the two. I might go Squier just because they get a lot of love around here and would be easier to sell if you ever need to.

    Let me be the first to suggest playing them and picking whichever feels and sounds better to you. They are both iinexpensive imports so it's expected that quality will vary bass to bass. Playing them is the only way to be confident you're getting a good one.

    You could just wait, save up some more and look at MIM or MIA jazz basses. G&L JB models are affordable, especially used.

    Just my 2 cents for whatever it's worth.
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    Mar 23, 2018
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    Squier all day over some random brand like a Dean. Way more parts available if you decide to upgrade and a much better resale value.
  6. If you have the opportunity, try both of them and make your choice. You also need to judge whether they are comfortable to play. Try both sitting down with and playing each with a strap, so you can judge the weight. For each, imagine having a 3-hour gig it hanging over your shoulder. (This can be helped with a wide strap that more evenly distributes the weight across your shoulder.)
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    "Random" brand like Dean? What does that even mean?
    They both make frigging basses with wood and hardware......pretty much any bass can have replacement parts put onto it with little to no heavy modification, so I'm not sure why a Dean would pose such a problem.
    Speaking as an owner of both, the Deans have FAR more consistent quality than Squiers and are built to much better specifications, and I have Korean Deans and a couple of Chinese Deans.
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  8. You know, squier has made great basses how they are litterally fender parts with a squier badge slapped on. Mind you the necks, bodies, etc are the b stock that the California shop rejects so that's why they end up in china and Korea and Mexico. With that said I like Dean's originality and the fact that they are cool sounding and look more modern. Wierd Al's bassist swears by his. To me that band is really underrated in how well they handle all the different types of music they do. So obviously you're getting a bass with potential in a Dean. As long as the neck is solid and the hardware is decent you can do anything with it and it'll be great. There's a couple deans I'd like to check out for. I'd have to feel the neck and string spacing but the name dean doesn't put me off by any means.
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    I can agree with most of that post, except of course for the fact that in NO way are Squier necks and bodies made from rejected Fender parts made in California, that is utterly ridiculous! Aside from the fact that from a business standpoint that makes zero sense, so you are saying they are shipping bodies and necks from California to Indonesia and China and slapping on some hardware and then shipping the guitars back across the Pacific to us in America for selling?
    I feel dumber just from typing that, its that stupid!!
    The shipping costs alone would make a Squier Affinity Jazz cost $1000! Think about it.
    If there WAS some series made from rejected California produced wood with import hardware, I'm quite sure they would just ship the bridges and pickups here and assemble them, lol.
    But if course thats not what Squier are, they are fully produced in either Indonesia or China......bodies, necks, bridges, pickups, etc.......and sent here for sale. Simple.
  10. Squier is the safer bet