Need help diagnosing the source of noise from my Ibanez SR 755.

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  1. The included video is a short demonstration of the noise in question. It’s much more intense than typical pickup hum. When this video was recorded, I had just replaced the battery with a fresh one.

    The noise persists at the same level regardless of what I do with the volume knob. The bass knob does one of two things to the noise: it either causes more crackling and popping in the noise, or it has absolutely no affect on the noise at all. I’ve winced tightened the bass EQ knob, but before I did, it had the slightest jiggle. My suspicion is that maybe the bass EQ pot has gone bad. When it’s in the mode where it doesn’t affect the noise at all, it sounds as though the entire bass band of the 3 band EQ has been removed from the output signal. The mid and high knobs affect the noise in the same way you would expect the to affect normal output signal.
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    Check inside the wiring cavity, the "slightest jiggle" can cause pot terminals to touch against the internal shielding or, over time, can cause wires to break off from repeated flexing. This is something that can be checked and verified visually.

    It could be the bass pot is simply worn out and becoming intermittent, but eliminate the other two possibilities first.
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    Dec 21, 2018
    Sounds like a bad bass pot. Pots are pretty common failure items. If there are no obvious issues as @Crater mentioned then I would just replace it.

    Show us a photo of the control cavity if you're not sure what to do next.
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