NEED HELP!!! fender jazz V neck replacement

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  1. hi guys, i have a fender deluxe mim 5string. and i am planning to replace the neck with warmoth jazz neck.

    could you pls help me find the exact replacement for the bass?

    is there different dimensions with mim fender deluxe 5 and standard 5?

    or can i just order the standard 5 as an replacement?

  2. JLS


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    You might consider contacting Warmoth...
  3. rojo412

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    Feb 26, 2000
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    Deluxe- 22 fret, designed for the USA neck pocket
    Standard - 20 fret, should work for MIM Std or Dlx...

    But still, take measurements and confirm.
  4. thank u for your reply guys!!! i did sent them an email but no reply yet.... its been 3 days now... that is why i posted this on.

    rojo412, are you telling me fender mim V deluxe and standard has same pocket dimensions?

  5. rojo412

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    Feb 26, 2000
    Cleveland, OH.
    I'm not sure of that, but I know they are both 20 fret necks, both MIM, and should be the same. I'm sure someone could shed more light on this who has one.
    All I know FOR SURE is, the Deluxe Warmoth is not the same.
  6. Subbed - I have the Active Deluxe V as well (with the five in-line on the headstock). I want to put a warmoth neck on mine (4 + 1). I bought this bass used and have upgraded the electronics with an audere and nordy pups. It is a project bass that I'm having fun with, and i think a new neck will really make this bass amazing.