Need help finding a Mesa Road Ready 2x15 Cab!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by TCollins, Aug 24, 2001.

  1. TCollins

    TCollins Guest

    Apr 4, 2000
    I am looking for a Mesa Boogie Roady Ready
    2x15 (4 ohm)with the black grille front. Those of you
    who have visited the Mesa site are aware that they have changed their design...I want to match the 2x15 Road Ready cab that I currently have. If you have visited the music stores near you lately and know that they have what I'm looking for, would you please contact me with info re: phone # e-mail?
    I did find one that is "used"- here in New York State, but it's pretty beat up and I'm not interested. I'm looking for one that is "new" or in excellent "used" condition...

    Thank you!
  2. brewer9

    brewer9 Guest

    Jul 5, 2000
    Did you check out the Mesa-Boogie website? They might have a dealer list or even a direct ordering page.
  3. Acepiloto


    Aug 25, 2000
    I saw a 2x15 mesa cab at Big Dudes Music in Kansas City, MO. Only problem, the bottom speaker was replaced with an Electro-Voice. I don't know if they have a website, but to me it looked pretty used. I'd say about 4-5 years of being on the road.
  4. I saw one the last time I was in parkway was an older one(mid to late 80's)I see your in NY state(so am I)parkway is located in Clifton Park(saratoga county)call'em and see if it is still there(518)383-0300 I dont think they're asking a lot for it.depending on where you are,it might be worth the drive to go check it out...I own one(along with a 2x10)and it's the most brutal cab out there..moves a lot of air :)..good luck...
  5. hi t, remember me? hows the amp working out. i hope tien helped you out. he told me they did....... i think i saw a powerhouse cab on ebay right now if im not mistaken. or thry magdon music in paramus pa 1-570-383-9423 if hes got it hell work with you.....jim
  6. maxoges


    Aug 23, 2000
    Stockholm, Sweden
    I got a Mesa cab that I ain't using at the moment. If you want you can buy it from me. The problem is I live in SWEDEN, so I guess there will be no Deal :)
  7. TCollins

    TCollins Guest

    Apr 4, 2000
    I talked to Matt at Parkway Music (that's where I got all my Mesa stuff)--the cab that he has is pretty beat up and he told me that he couldn't guarantee the remaining life on the, I continue my search. Thanks for the tip though
    Yes Tien Lawrence at Mesa Boogie was GREAT! He sent me a T shirt and a 50% off coupon for re-tubing my 400+ when it needs it. My M-2000 is working perfectly now and it is a beast!! Now I want another Road Ready cab like the one I've you probably know, Mesa has changed their cab designs and I'm pretty fussy about matching things up...I may end up with two 2x10s cabs...still undecided.
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I just got back from summer vacation ;0)
  8. T COLLINS ....glad it all worked out. .....tien is the balls, i cant afford not to deal with mesa with the treatment he gives me, he even called me out of the blue to talk about how my amps were doing, although i never did get a t shirt! :< ....hes good on the deals, i agree! . ....i also am pretty anal about matching things up, i know what you, mean about that. i love my diesel cabs. wish i had gotten road ready gear but i didnt. one time one of my cats slung an elastic band into my speaker grille and was clawing at it to get it out. the little rat tore the cone of a 10" ev. ......that really sucked. i replaced it. .........take care. jim
  9. TCollins

    TCollins Guest

    Apr 4, 2000
    I've been on e-bay and found a nice diesel 2x15 that was used only in a studio setting...also, I see that Fieldy from Korn is selling a Road Ready 4x10 & 2x15 that was on tour for two years but, there is no pix-that makes me a little nervous (this is from e-bay)...I may have to settle for the newer style Mesa cab. Thinking about two 2x10s..that along with my 2x15s should "rock the Casbah". I could always paint the grille black (except the Mesa logo).
    BTW, Tien mentioned to me that he has a M-2000 & two 2x10's...wouldn't you love to hear him play?

  10. bassmangreg


    Jun 20, 2001
    Warrenton, NC
    There is a bass cabinet at Uncle Sams Pawn shop in
    excellent condition. The price is $500.00.Their phone
    number is 614 221 7296.This is in Columbus, Ohio
    at 225 East Main Street.
  11. T COLLINS .....ive got a 4x10 diesel deep cab ev loaded w/horn i picked up new for cheap from gc. they were cleaning for the new powerhouse line. its nice, no damage at all new,.....its real tight, i put it on top of a new diesel 1x15. i also have a 2x10 new diesel cab that i use on top of the 1x15 which is nice also, ..but the 4x10"s really add some brightness and tightness. the 15 gives plenty of bottom. .....some times i run all 6 10's, .......2x10 & 4x10 together. i find the 15s noticibly slower than the 10's. if you want a new rig shipped let me know , i know some places that should have some stock, that are reputable, that will also ship that ive dealt with..
    .......t, please no offense, your a good dude, and i dont want to start a fieldy thread, but any gear owned by fieldy of corn, id consider distressed merchandise, even if in mint condition. kinda like buying a car someone died in or something. i cant stand him or his playing and would turn my stomach to own his stuff........i realize this is subjective , who likes what, or who and visa versa,....this is only my opinion, i mean not to offend any one,....for all i know, i probably suck really terribly even worse than fieldy ........oops, ther i go
    stay cool jim
  12. TCollins

    TCollins Guest

    Apr 4, 2000
    Thanks for all the info G! I'm definitely interested in the reputable dealers who have access to some of the older style (black grille) Mesa speakers. Your comments on the 10" speaker cabs have gotten my attention. I used to own two Genz Benz 4x10 cabs powered by a Gallien Krueger 2000RB (a great sounding setup 'til the GK started failing--then I switched to Mesa). Here's what I'm interested in if you would like to keep an eye peeled for me and email some phone numbers or email addresses:
    One Road Ready 2x15 in new or excellent condition
    Two 2x10" Road Ready
    Two 1x15" Road Ready...
    I have been thinking about "breaking down" & getting two Road Ready 2x10"s in Mesa's "NEW" design if I cannot find the other speaker configurations.
    RE: Fieldy's Cabs 4 sale on Ebay...I agree with you 100%...I thought they would be in "distressed condition" also and that it would be best to avoid that "deal". When I told my son about it, his eyes widened and he said that he knows kids who would "pay" just to see them (made me laugh).