Need help finding beginner guitar songs for my father.

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    I'm an intermediate bassist and my father is basically a beginner guitarist (can't make an F.) I need some help finding some easier songs for him to play. Basically anything that uses G, C, D, Am, E, Em... the easier chords to play.
    I've found a few country songs that he can play with a capo using G, C and D, or G, C and F, but I'm running out of places to look.
    Here are some examples of the stuff we've been playing:

    Dan Tyminski - Man of Constant Sorrow, Tiny Broken Heart, Sunny Side of the Mountain
    CCR - Have You Ever Seen the Rain

    Any upbeat Country, Folk or Classic Rock songs will help. I really love going to his house and playing, but the songs are getting stale. Any help is welcome. Thanks!
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    Chords and Lyrics to over 1k songs
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    A great deal of those songs are in the genres I was looking for. Thanks a ton!