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Need help finding the rght equipment

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Obscurity - Ziu, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I´m in desperate need for some help to verify which bass equipment would fit to me and my music.

    Before I start I want say that the dealers I talked to couldn´t give me clear answeres on my "simple" questions and only want my money.

    So here we go... I give you some infos about what I have already in mind, some background about me and my music style and what I need/want.

    Me and my music:

    - I´m a noob!
    - I´m a long-haired hun without any technical experience
    - I don´t perform with virtuosity. I only work the upper two
    strings of the bass ("E" and "A" hehe) very fast and straight
    - I play in a Black/Viking Metal Band
    - We play in small clubs up to medium venues for over 2000
    - We are tuned at "E"
    - I have a budget about 2000 €
    - If you need to listen to our sound to help me pls visit our
    band´s homepage and look under downloads there are some
    mp3. Maybe it gives you an idea of the sound I would like to
    have always ;oP (No advertising... really it´s only to help
    you to help me (arrrrgh))
    I´m very sorry it´s all on german but we couldn´t add an
    english version yet :-(

    What do I need/want:

    - a very deep punchy ( a lil dirty ) sound
    - a sound that can be played very loud without slipping into
    slobbery (for small clubs up to medium venues for 2000 ppl)
    - only a few buttons... nothing too complicated (plug and
    play stuff)
    - ummm... equipment that is not too expensive
    - clear answeres which doesn´t leave me even more
    uncertain ;oP
    - any hints you can give me

    What equipment do I already have in mind to buy:

    - Ashdown ABM 500 EVO head
    - Ampeg heads (??? dunno which)
    - 410 TVX 350 W (4 Ohm) 4x10" cab
    - Musicman S.U.B. bass

    Sooo pls try to help me out of my dilemma... I really don´t know what I will need to provide me the sound and loudness I´m searching for and won´t bankrupt me ;oP

    I´m looking forward to you replies :)


    Ah and pls don´t say "If u want a very deep tone... tune down on "D" or "B", you noob!" ... check my sig. ;oP
  2. arrrgh.... the cab I´m lurking at is from Peavey

  3. protoz


    Nov 30, 2000
    Ashdown amps would probably be right up your alley.


    Good stuff and readily available in Europe.
  4. Yub, thx protoz...

    it´s pretty close to my hometown :)

    Thx for the hint