Need help for Wiring Alembic Electronic

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  1. Hi there

    I bought a activator pu set p/j via ebay (i am a student in europe and can´t afford new instruments) including an active eletronic consisting of 3 pots.
    Sadly the guy i bought it from cutted of some cabels and i dont know where to solder them on.
    The pot, i thnik its the active tone pot where no pu is directly connected and with the biggest plate has (besides the grey shielded cable from the pu pots) a blue a black and a red/white cable
    The red/white and the black cable are lose can you tell me where i have to solder them?
    And the Input jack seems the miss one cable since there are 4 soldering points but only 3 actually soldered.
    There is a black calbe in the corner that is cut off to a 45° corner then 1 soldering point without cable then one soldering point with a red/white cable and 1 soldering point with a violet cable.
    1 more question the guy a bought from wrote on the jack 12V supply.
    Do i realy need to supply the electronics with a 12V battery?
    Or can i find wiring schematics anywhere?

    So long

    p.s. Sorry for my english its nearly 10 years since i was in elemetary school were i learned it a little
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    Oct 13, 2005
    Munich, Germany

    I happen to have a few of these electronics (just the preamp and filters) which I connected to different basses. I could not find schematics for these anywhere on the net, but measuring them was easy enough ;-) Activators, I suppose, are a little different from the Signature and Essence things I have. So I think it would be best to exchange pictures via E-Mail. I have good quality pics of all of my electronic projects, but I can also draw a schematic for you if that helps. For this, I should have some pics of your electronics for reference. My E-Mail is:

    -- Markus

    PS: Du kannst auch gerne in Deutsch antworten...
    PPS: DO NOT supply these with 12V!!! They need 9V.