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Need help getting my sound right.

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by kurotenshi, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. kurotenshi


    Jun 27, 2009
    Amadora, Portugal
    SourceAudio Endorser
    Hi everyone,

    I recentlly bought an Ashdown Little giant 1000 head to complete my rig that now consists of a yamaha BBG5S bass (active alder body maple neck) with Dean Markley Blue Steels, Behringer Bass V-amp Pro, Ashdown Little Giant 1000 and Warwick WCA 211 Pro Cab.
    I used to take the Bass V-Amp to the rehearsal, connect it to the FX return of whatever head they had and usually didn't have much trouble getting a good sound. Either used the SVT ou 70's Marshall emulation. But now since I have a small, light head I thought I would give it a try and use just the Little giant.
    So I made some experiments at home and got some not so bad results. In the studio I hooked the bass straight into the head and then to a Warwick WCA 411 pro (the 4x10 sister of the one I have at home). It was hell... I had no body at all, I tried EQing but either got rumble with no definition or lots of definition in the low notes but no body and to much treble.
    Plus, I took a distortion pedal, that worked well at home, but in the studio the sound was terrible, again no body at all.
    So I come here in search of insight into what is going on and some help in solving it. Am I just too green using the EQ on the amp? Is it that I just too used to the Bass v-amp sound? Or is it that the emulation (good or bad i'm not gonna go into that argument) is giving enough "Tube Magic" to make the sound fuller? I will be changing from Blue steels to Dunlop nickel soon (wanted to try the dunlops since I loved them on my guitar) will that make enough of a difference to, at least, help? Since the sound at home was kind of cool and the cabs are similar might it be a problem with the cab in the studio?

    This looks like a completely noob question but this never happened to me before, usually I get an acceptable sound pretty fast and I just got lost with this. Any help, comment will be appreciated.

    To finish, I play in a cover band with mostly rock stuff but I intend to use the same gear in a metal band but lack of body and punch will still be a problem.

    EDIT: Maybe not the right place to post this, will happily change if moderators think it's best.

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