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Need Help Identifying a Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by mjolnir, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. mjolnir

    mjolnir Thor's Hammer 2.1.3beta

    Jun 15, 2006
    Houston, TX
    So a friend of mine came across this old-as-dirt bass and, because she doesn't play and I'm the only bassist she knows, she handed it over to me and said, "Have fun." I can't really tell what kind of bass it is, though. Looks like a '51 P-bass, but it's got an off brand neck on it and the like and it looks like the last owner used it as a baseball bat or something. Anybody seen anything like this before?


    The headstock says "RhythmLine".

    Also, do y'all think this thing is worth fixing up? If so, where would you suggest I start?
  2. scootron

    scootron Supporting Member

    Jul 17, 2007
    Moved to Texas
    I think RhythmLine produced bass guitars in Japan back in the 60's, but I'm not sure.
  3. !Rob!


    Mar 2, 2007
    I'd say go for it, I fix up old beaters all the time, and I find it fun....especially in the backyard in the summer.

    That one is ALL Rhythmline...they always had weird pickguard shapes. I'd like to know if it is solid wood, or plywood....can we see a pick of the wiring/controls?

    How's the neck? any twist/warp?

    So where to start?, I would probably check the pup first, then move on to the controls...while doing this, you can give it a major cleanup. The pots will probably be cheap, and scratchy so I would replace em al together, and find some nice cloth wiring.

    She's a beauty, but I find the pickguard a little funny lookin'.

    Best of luck...keep us posted.
  4. mjolnir

    mjolnir Thor's Hammer 2.1.3beta

    Jun 15, 2006
    Houston, TX
    I'm not a good judge of wood or anything, but I THINK it's solid...

    Here's the wiring pics:



    The neck actually looks decent. It plays nice too.

    ...Am I looking at that pup right? Looks like a guitar pickup...

    Yeah, the pickguard is a little goofy looking, and it's cracked at just about every point the screws go in so it has to be replaced no matter what. I'm definitely open to any suggestions as to what I can replace it with.

    Thanks for the feedback, Rob. Looks like I have a new project to keep me busy while my foot heals. :D
  5. mjolnir

    mjolnir Thor's Hammer 2.1.3beta

    Jun 15, 2006
    Houston, TX
    So on the subject of pickups, does anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of pickup I can put into this thing?

    I'm not too concerned about using the same style of pickup that was in there before, considering this thing has been thrown about, chipped, dinged, painted over (twice, it looks like) so putting a bigger pup in would be no problem.

    Any thoughts?
  6. -Sam-


    Oct 5, 2005
    Sydney, Australia

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