Need help identifying this bass body

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    I'm selling a frankenstein instrument I picked up secondhand, and trying to determine the model of the body. Neck is an Aerodyne, body looks like an Olympic White MIJ, but when I got it there was a bridge cover installed, unlike the MIJs. No pickup cover or holes indicating it ever had one. Any ideas based on this pic?

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    After market covers with and without the Fender 'F' are readily available. Take that out of your calculations.

    I have a 32" monitor and was able to blow up the picture so that the pickup spans the entire width of the screen. I told you that to tell you this. Japanese Philips screws and American Philips screws are different; where the slots cross the Japanese screws have a fairly small radius to the corners, unlike American Philips screws. Those screws appear to be Japanese, which is consistent with the condition of the pickup screws. American Philips screwdrivers come to a point and sit up higher in the slots than the blunt pointed Japanese counterpart, so they slip on the Japanese heads fairly easily and tear up the screw heads.
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    American cross slot screws are Philips head.
    Asian cross slot screws are JIS head (Japanese Industrial Standard)
    That said, stuff coming out of China can have either or a mixture of both head types. A mix is rare but not unheard of.
    A JIS driver will (kinda sorta) work in a Phillips head but because of the angle difference in the slots, a Phillips wants to cam out of JIS slots if much torque is applied. It never hurts to have a set of each type. Both types are numbered the same way and a number one, two, and three of each type will cover the bulk of what us mere mortals would need them for.
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