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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by lucifer, Nov 7, 2001.

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    Nov 7, 2001
    ok, er....hallo! im a kid (15) bassist from london, and ive got a buncha questions to ask all you bassy people.
    ooo k? right.

    Ive been playing for about 9 months now, and i am REALLY getting into it, im in a pretty successful punk (ick) band. And i reckon ive learnt pretty quick, as in, i aint seen anyone that can play as good as me for the amount of time theyve been playin their instruments (guitar), well, i think. i need to know if i should keep at this, cos i enjoy it, and try to get into a profesional thing when im older, as my skills improve (hopefully). im at about the level where ive just finnished being able to play most of the challenging jamiroquai/red hot chili peppers songs, EXACT.and im starting to get my head around making somecool funk/punk bass riffs of my own. is this a above/below average level to be at this point?:confused:? u see, i dont know, cos i dont know any other bassists. Thus i cant find out what the norm is...:(
    well, help if you can, pweeease?:rolleyes:

    also, could someone please tell me of a good overdrive pedal thats below the £100 mark, one that has a bit of flexibility? i just wanna play around. cos i dunno, might be fun!

    ok,ive wrote loads, sorry.
    ok, byeeee

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  2. you could probably get a Boss Bass Overdrive in your price range. A decent pedal in itself but more distorty then overdrivy.
  3. Cheerio old chap :)

    In that price range there are 3 very nice pedals..

    - Boss ODB-3 bass overdrive ( c.a. $ 75 ) -

    - DOD FX-91 bass overdrive ( c.a. $ 70 ) -

    - Nobels ODR-B bass overdrive ( c.a. $ 55 ) -

    the Boss, i've got one myself, is nice.
    It has very versatile tone, and has built-in EQ so you can cut the highs, and boost the lows for more agression.

    The DOD has more mids.. But it has a plastic stomp-button.. I used to have one, but i wasn't too happy with it, so i traded it for the Boss.

    the Nobels is very nice.. a friend of mine has one, and i was very impressed by it. it sounds more like the classical tube-amplifiers.
  4. Save a little more and get a Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Drive DI. If I had the ability to spend money right now, thatd be the first thing id buy. Great little thing, that is.

    I dont know how much it would cost in english currency though. :confused:
  5. A Sansamp BDDI is £199 - $290. I've never tried one, I'm not a fan of DI boxes, but I've heard good stuff about them if you can stomach the price. Try and buy mail order - a pedal I've seen in London was £50 more expensive, in the same chain of stores, than the same pedal here in Manchester.

    If you just want to mess around with FX, I recommend getting a multi FX for your first buy. They are relatively cheap, but they have a whole host of effects that you may find out that you don't like. These effects aren't amazingly good, but they give an accurate representaion of what the effect is like. Boss stuff isn't good(506 and 708), so I'd go for a Korg AX1B. Much better than the Boss stuff.

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