Need help (my strings buzz/rattle to much)

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  1. Hope this is in the right forum now...

    I bought this nice Ibanez EDB605 ( about a year ago. I love it in most aspects but the strings rattle/buzz to much when I play (especially the B and E strings).
    I'm no expert in bass technique terms (and especially not english technique terms) so I need a simple explenation on what to to about it.
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    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Raise the action. Look at the bridge and find the screws or whatever that hodl the string up and raise em.
  3. Ok, I'll try it out. More suggestions are welcome if this does not work.
  4. Do a bit of a search around these threads in this forum.

    Basically check the relief of the neck (how much curve it has). It may need the truss rod adjusted.

    Check the action or height of the strings from the fretboard. This is adjusted at the bridge via means of the allen key screw in the saddles

    I have highlighted those words so you not only become familiar with the terms, but it may aid you in learning about setup.


  5. Great! I feel kind of stupid when you highligt specific words but it was a great idea. I'm at zero when it comes to terms for bass setup. If I ask something more people should do this. I think it was a great help.

    So I checked the action and fixed it as much as I could. It got better bot I'm not totally satisfied. I'll check the relief of the neck sometime to.

    Thanks for great help people!
  6. Yeah i didnt want you to think the bolded words indicated stupidity. Just helps so you can pinpoint in the search field.

    Now you have some basics under your belt you can focus your questions. Already you have a sense of what you want out of your action etc. Keep tweaking it. Keep an ear to the ground in here. ;)



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