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Need Help on Pot Values on Active/Passive Bass (J and MM)

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by lanzealot, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. My Bass Specs (stock):

    Active Preamps;
    Passive J pups on the neck;
    Passive MM style on the bridge

    Vol pot (with Active / passive switch) --( Linear 500K)
    Blend -----------------------------------(250K)
    Bass (boost/cut)-------------------------(Audio 500K)
    Treble (boost/cut)-----------------------(Audio 500K)


    Here is the summarized version of my problem:

    Need to replace:
    2.Bass (boost/cut)
    3.Treble (boost/cut)

    (will not replace Linear 500K Volume Pot)

    So....Which pot values?

    a. Blend is 500K; Tone is 500K (Bass pots and Treble pots)
    b. Blend is 250K; Tone is 250K (Bass pots and Treble pots)
    c. Blend is 500K; Tone is 250K (Bass pots and Treble pots)
    d. Blend is 250K; Tone is 500K (Bass pots and Treble pots)

    The fact that the pups are jazz and mm styles means that there would be a compromise because single coils usually have 250K and MM has 500K. And another issue is that the bass has active / passive modes


    Additional Info: (please skip this section of my thread is too long for you)

    I read that 500K are better for humbukers (MM style) and 250K are for single coils (J style)

    The pre-amp is stock and because it's a cheap bass, I can't find any info from the manufacturer.

    this is another link about the same issue :

    (The stock pot values on my bass is exactly the opposite on the suggestions given on this thread: vol 250k/blend 500k/tone 250k

    Any suggestions?
  2. uhm.... anyone?

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